Who Is Your Ananias?

Who is your Ananias?  I was reading in Act 9 today and was struck with gratitude & disbelief for what Ananias did for Paul, then Saul. It is amazing to think about how Saul, as despised & opposed Paul was as a murderer & persecutor, Ananias obeyed the Lord's command to go to this blind and broken, messed up Paul. This would be similar today in that if Jesus tapped me on the shoulder to go to Bin Laden. What?! Are you kidding Lord?! And yet, in my life, I am no different than Paul. I was blind, lost and so far away from God it wasn't even funny. And yet, I was given a gift from God in sending me my Ananias. He gave me someone that didn't look at my exterior and make a judgement, but instead obeyed God and shared His truth and hope of the gospel with me. What if, like Ananias, that someone didn't invest in me?  What inspires me the most about this story in Acts, is that Ananias is not this well shaped, polished leader, craving the spotlight. He is just an average guy leaving tracks that point to Christ. There is an old proverb that reads,  "The elephant's tracks cover the camel's tracks." I am so glad His tracks are bigger and more impactful than mine. To God be the glory. I am so glad that the Lord not only sent someone to me, but now calls me to do it for someone else. I am grateful that He now calls me to be a part of people helping others see His power and redemption that He showed and continues to show me today. Today we can be grateful for the Ananias that came to us thru Christ. Today we can be grateful we "get to" leave new footprints for His glory. Take some time to thank God for your Ananias, and then ask Him who your Saul is for today and tomorrow. What a treat to get to walk in His steps. Signed, An average camel for the Kingdom. #21Days Rodney Holmstrom


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