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Life Change Starts With Chapter 1

"Don't compare your Chapter 1 to someone else's Chapter 20" 
Wow! Reading that quote this morning really made me think. There are so many people that are better than me at leading, managing time, promoting God's message, singing, dancing, running, sports, etc.  But...there is only one who can be ME.

Why do we compare ourselves to others and mark our success and victory stories based on how others are doing.  Remember the first day you walked into recovery? Can you imagine if you compared it to yourself living Today?  It would be very overwhelming because you have experienced incredible growth.  The only way to get to Chapter 20 and really understand, respect and appreciate it, is to read Chapter 1 and so on.

If you find yourself comparing yourself to others these days, stop, breathe, pray, refocus and remember where you are today because of Christ. Remember that part of the blessing is the process getting there.
No matter what chapter you are on, remember, He is p…

Remember the Good Times?!?! NOT!!!

"Come play with us! Forever, and ever...."  An old line from a creepy movie I watched when I was much younger that still gives me the creeps. Sometimes when folks are moving out and away from an old lifestyle in an attempt to get clean or sober, they will get calls from a dysfunctional memory of our broken past. Our past cries out: "dude! where you going!? We had a good thing going here!" Really?! I was Miserable, broken, lonely, lost, defeated and depressed. Nah bro, I gotta go.
The enemy will always find a way to discourage your process of healing. When we start making the right choices in life the enemy will try to discourage you from moving forward. Why? He enjoyed the old you and he doesn't want to let you go without a fight.
Don't let distractions, people, or the enemy keep you from your dreams for a life of freedom, hope and restoration. No matter how alluring the lie sounds of the former life, it's just a nightmare movie we just don't want …

Making Life's Healing Choices in 2014

Yesterday, 2013 is done, gone, finished. A new day has come. What did you learn from yesterday? Did you continue to run from your pain, hurt, a habit, a hangup last year? Maybe you're in the middle of the process and have considered giving it up. Don't do it, you've come to far & God is changing you!
Maybe this is the year to stop running away from things that are uncomfortable and hard and run toward the One who is a God of comfort and strength. 
Maybe it's time to confront those issues in your life that have kept you handcuffed to dysfunction and the wrong path. No matter what has happened in your past, today is a new day, & a new year.   Pain in life is inevitable, but living in misery is optional. 
Praise God you don't have to do it alone.  Maybe this year is the year to join a Celebrate Recovery near you and find that freedom you have been craving, alongside other fellow life strugglers.
Jesus never said it would be easy, but He said it would be worth…