Go Ahead, Open Your Gift!

One of my struggles around Christmas time is that when I buy a present for my wife I can't wait to give it to her. Open it now! I will literally wrap it and then set it under the tree and minutes later I am asking Carol, "do you want to go ahead and open it?" lol, it drives her crazy sometimes. But she smiles and says something like, "just a few more days" It is fun to give gifts to someone isn't it? But you know the greatest gifts we can give are those that don't cost a dime. You know those gifts when someone gives a hug when you really needed it. A word of encouragement in the midst of difficult times. A commitment to pray for you during a struggle. A helping hand when you needed help with your yard. Or something as simple as a smile as you pass by. I have found that serving is such a big part of my maintaining and sustaining growth in my life and recovery.  Author Cami Walker once said “When you give with an open heart, you receive the profound gift of humility." So true. I have personally learned and have witnessed time and time again in CR that when we serve we take the focus off of our self. This is when real growth begins taking shape. How do we know we are in recovery? When we take the focus off of ourself and put it on helping others. I want to encourage you to find a place to serve. I know we have plenty of options to serve in CR. When we serve, it blesses others but will bless our self more. It will give you a humility that is sweetness to your recovery journey. Have a great day. Rodney Holmstrom


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