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What Are You Smiling At?

I remember as a kid hearing, "does your face hurt? Cause it's killing me" ouch! We can say some hurtful things sometimes can't we?
You know what though, as I grow in Christ I find that my face hurts all the time. Why? Cause I'm smiling at what God has blessed us with, wonderful people, family, and life change moments of grace.  I get to witness what He is doing thru CR in hundreds of lives starting with my own. Today my face hurts from having the biggest grin on my face.  I get to see forever family tonight at CR, personally lead worship with my wife Carol, daughter Taylor and the best CR band in the land. Tonight I get to hear a life change story from one of our Celebration Place/Landing students and their mom at CR. Lots to smile about.  When is the last time you smiled?  Come learn how to smile again as we celebrate our recovery together. 
Bring your kids dressed up for some fun treats and an exciting Celebration Place agenda.
6pm Celebrate Recovery @ Fellowship Rodney H…