I Can't Dance...and that's ok

Sometimes when I lead worship, I have been known to tap my foot to the beat. Dancing? Well some might define it as dancing. But, don't let that fool you, I cant dance ever since I got off the dance tour is 88'. :) My wife once said, "honey I love you, but you can't dance."  What I love is that with my wife, kids, & forever family it doesn't matter if I can dance or not, they will love me anyway. Sometimes that dancing comes in the form of my flaws in my personality, actions, character defects, etc. Who is that friend for you? You know the ones that you feel like you can say or do anything and they still love you. I was thinking this morning about how grateful I am for those here on earth.  Even more so, I am grateful for that kind of relationship I have from Christ that loves me with my bad dancing and all too; Even more. He cares for me even if I don't have it all together and make mistakes; say the wrong thing, whatever it is I am struggling with on any given day. Someone once said, “Bad dancing does not break an engagement." I am so grateful that the Father wants me to be me and nothing else. He doesn't cut me off cause I don't have it all together. The good news is that He is changing me from my character to that of the character of Christ.  But what He is whispering to me this morning is, the only way He can develop my character is if I keep dancing. Keep dancing even if it doesn't look great.  Our Father loves to dance with His children in this beautiful thing called life. “I know that I will live to see the LORD's goodness in this present life."Ps 27:13 Rodney Holmstrom


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