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Why We Rememeber

It is stories like this that make me stop and count my blessings for the freedom I enjoy. My brother shared this a couple days ago and it grabbed my heart.
This photo is CPT Christopher Seifert, who was tragically killed in a grenade attack in Kuwait 2003. He was the first soldier to pass while my brother Josh, a medic in the Army, was administering CPR.  Many soldiers just like him fight for our freedom everyday. Many lost their lives.
Thank you to all the veterans as well to my brother Josh and sister-in-law Lisa for serving our country so courageously.
Please pray for our veterans, the active soldiers serving right now and the families connected with each of them. Happy Memorial Day family.

Removing the ROTTEN Apple

Ever bite into something and then realized it was rotten? I can remember doing this with an apple and I honestly couldn't get the pieces and rotten, mushy debris of apple out of my mouth fast enough.
Talk about a messy situation with a disgusting after taste.
Isn't it interesting to think about that if something rotten goes in our mouth, it's gotta be spit out? It just seems like a natural reaction doesn't it?
it's kind of the same with what we allow into our mind and heart.
What am I allowing myself to consume spiritually these days?
Someone once said, "Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out."
No matter how hard we may try, if garbage is going in, it's gonna come out and its never pretty when it does. The garbage leaves a bad taste in our mouth and a big mess in the face of those around us.

I love the process of CR cause it helps us to stop, recognize and evaluate those things that we may have left hidden for so long that continue to l…

Filling the Hole In Our Heart

Ever notice when you go out of state and see someone from your home state you are instantly drawn to them?
When we become aware of this we say, “You’re from Arkansas?! So are we!!!!” A bond instantly forms due to where we come from.
In CR this same thing happens, only it is with the “hole in our heart.”
We say, “You have a hole in your heart? I do too!!!”
And an instant bond is formed.

That’s ...what I love about CR, those coming in with fresh wounds can find a bond with other brothers and sisters because we all know what it’s like to hurt.
Our goal? To share in the common goal of the other side of that hurt....hope in finding and relying on the One Jesus Christ, who fills that hole in our heart.
Are you willing to share your hurt? Are you willing to share your hope with those who haven’t tasted that hope yet?
Come see us this week at a CR near you, regardless of where you are in your journey. We have a chair open for you and a side hug and/or a high five ready to give you.