I Am Starving!

"Dad, I'm still hungry" If you have kids, then you have heard these words. I was thinking about how when my son was going thru his growth spurts as a kid and how much he could eat. He would literally get up from the dinner table, rinse his plate, walk into the living room and say, "dad, can I get something to eat? I'm still hungry." Talk about a pricey grocery bill. :) I am learning that this is the way we are designed in our walk as Christians too. The Father has created us to hunger and thirst. The question is, what am I hungering and thirsting for?  Jesus made me a promise when He said, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,for they will be filled."Matt5:6  Only the Father can fill that deep hunger in my heart.  Someone once said, “You can not tell a hungry child that you gave him food yesterday."  In the same way, I am learning that I cannot tell my hungry spirit that I ate yesterday. I have to go to the Father daily with a willingness to allow Him to feed me.  Because I was created to hunger and thirst, I need to fill it with Righteousness, that is a person in Jesus Christ. Otherwise, I will fill my hunger with other things that can and will bring me harm and separate me from His will. What are you filling your hunger and thirst with today? He wants you to be filled. You just have to eat the right spiritual food, His food. Have a great day! Rodney Holmstrom


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