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New Day: New Beginning

Mornings are great cause things like the dew on the grass symbolize a reminder of new water, new life, new beginnings to drink in for a thirsty soul. For new life and new chances to honor Him.
A crazy day yesterday with some messy ministry stuff going on but grateful for a new day with new beginnings. The cross we carry today leads to a crown in the future.  Thank You Lord for shining a light into my inmost being to show me what my part is to work on today. May I carry this cross with joy. Thank You that You are the God of hope to fill me with joy and peace believing that I may abound in hope thru Your Spirit. Romans 15:13
Rodney Holmstrom

Feelings versus Calling

“You must do the thing which you think you cannot do" Eleanor Roosevelt

Headed to CR Step group with some amazing men this AM. The enemy once convinced us we couldn't change. But that was a lie. We don't always "feel" like doing what is necessary for growth in our life and recovery, But... Together we have made the choice to fight against "feelings" of quitting and now ask instead, "what does Your Word say I should do?" Not by our strength, but His power and strength in my weakness.
“The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever." Ps138.8
This is where the healing begins. Change is possible for me AND you. His love, strength and grace carry us thru any and all situations. Have a great day! Rodney

Reserving A Time....All Day

Have you ever listened to someone coming out of prison?
They hear things differently. Flowers smell better, fresher. They stop to feel the wind in their face and hear the birds sing. Food tastes better than ever. family time is more precious than ever. They embrace a great conversation with a brother or sister in Christ. Every sense is heightened with a grateful awareness.
Sometimes it is easy for me to look at myself as a prisoner and I am not behind bars. If I allow the craziness of life consume me and fail to stop and listen & look at the blessings around me, I will miss some pretty incredible stuff.
Most importantly, if I don't stop to listen to my Father, I will miss out on some great wisdom and nuggets for life.
"Listen to me; be silent, and I will teach you wisdom." Job 33:3
Reserving a daily time for God is not just a one time event but a process to be carried throughout the day.
Today, let's stop being a prisoner to busyness and embrace the th…

First Accept, Then Commit

"Do you Rodney, take (accept) this woman, Carol to be your wife?" 
I had to make a choice in my relationship with my wife to accept her before I would ever commit to her.  In my relationship with Christ, as His bride, I am grateful that He gives me a choice. First, He accepts me, but then asks me the question, "Rodney, do you believe (accept) Me?" (Rom 10:9) The answer to that question will determine what I do next. If no, then I will commit to all the other counterfeit stuff that screams to falsely fill the void in my life.  But... If yes is my response, then I "commit" my life and will to Him. This is a one time event in inviting Him into my life for my salvation. But it is a daily decision to say Lord, I "commit" today to ask for Your will for my life today.
What are you committing to today? He is pleading with you to accept Him and then commit to follow His will for your life today.   Have a great day.

Forgetfulness of God

Are you forgetful these days? "These things I tell you 'so that'..." In John 16:33 we are reminded that the truth He is giving us is something we should never "forget". "The goal of the enemy is not to create a hatred of God but a forgetfulness of God" Bonheoffer
These truths that the Father has shared with us is "so that" His peace will remain in us.  Why should we remember? Cause trouble will happen in the world. But don't forget.....he has overcome the world. (Jn 16:33)
Something good to put to our memory. Have a great day! Rodney

His Directions Are Always Accurate

How frustrating it can be to get directions to a destination sometimes huh?
"Ok, you will drive for a long time...then you will see a yellow Chevy in the yard on the left. Take a right there. Then you will go a whole lot longer and you will see some sheep in the field on the right. Take a left there. Then after a long way of traveling you will see a red barn, don't turn there...keep on driving.  Then you will soon see an old gate, drive on thru and my home is up on the hill to the right." Just doesn't make sense right now does it? In similar ways, Jesus' directions in my own life can seem confusing and limited in my earthly view.  Truth is, I only see part of the story, the here and now. Christ sees and understands the here & now AND forever. "Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now what I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." 1 Cor 13:12
Today, lets not lean on our own flawed …