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Life Change Is So Beautiful

Check out our latest Newcomer Video that we will use here in our Celebrate Recovery. God is so good!
I keep watching it over and over again looking at different faces each time. So cool to see life change happening right before our eyes in this amazing ministry of Celebrate Recovery!
Special thanks to David Attebery for coming up with the concept of this new video.
Special thanks to Laura Self, our Encourager coach for Fellowship Bible CR for allowing us to use her original song, "Beautiful".
The song was co-written by Laura Self and Denise England. This is a great God breathed lyrical song sisters.

Go check out her new album on entitled "Victorious" Copy and paste this link in your i tunes search engine:

Also, special thanks to Kyle Klebor for putting this video together. You are a gifted brother!!

And finally, thank you so much to all our folks willing to put themselves out for everyone to see what Christ…

Forever I Am Changed By Your Love

Where were you when Christ first met you? Where were you when He came to you in your brokenness? Did you expect the warm welcome you received? Or were you expecting what Mephibosheth, grandson of Saul, did from King David? I had a guy working for me that shared a story about shame and heartbreak thru a tough time. The story was spurred from a note being passed around the warehouse that read "I SO WE TODD DID"...
God gives us a beautiful picture of kindness or "grace" being extended is in 2 Sam 9.

Christ wants to invite us to His banqueting table even with our empty hands and nothing to offer Him. Just as we are, He accepts us.
With every step I take in my walk, I am reminded of the gift He gave me. He is not looking for perfection but rather completely surrender as i submit my life and will to Him.
Psalm 31:19-20
"How great is Your goodness, which You have stored up for those who fear You, which You bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in You. In t…

This Is My Story

I received some old photos of my mom today from my uncle Mark. Thank you Uncle Mark for this gift to have as a memory of my mom. I cannot even begin to tell you the wave of emotions that came over me as I looked into this young version of my mom some 41 years ago. I was 9 months old in these photos and mom was pretty young herself. My first reaction was wow, I miss her so much. I miss her laugh, her smile, her unique sense of humor that had us rolling in laughter so often.
She is dearly missed and there are days I still cry, missing her so much since her death on Mother’s Day weekend of May, 2009. Wow, where have the years gone? Looking into the eyes of such a young woman, it hit me how short our time on earth is here. It really is a just a temporary home. We are here, we live a time and then we leave. I would bet that if I could talk to my mom today, she would say it feels like that picture was taken just yesterday and yet so long ago. Where does the time go?
This got me to thinking…