Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling squeezed? positive or negative results?

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1

Guys, today this verse means so much to me and I am claiming it as His sweet words whispered into my heart.

I was doing some mediation in Psalm 119:65-80

The word of God can encourage you in times of affliction. What life does to us depends on what life finds ‘in” us. If the Word is in our heart and mind, affliction can bring out the best in us. If not, then it may bring out the worst in us. The school of suffering never graduates any students as one commentator says. So we must learn to ask God to teach us the lessons we need to learn. “teach me Your decrees” vs. 68b
Isn’t it true that no one knows us better than Him and He should therefore manage our life

As someone once said, tough times do not develop character but rather expose what character we have. It is so much easier said than done but we need to lean into Him and not allow the flesh reaction get to us and bite back as we may be tempted to do at first glance.

CR taught me a lot about this truth. So blessed to have this truth in my life now.
So honored to be on this journey with you all.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maintaining Momentum

When we get complacent or start thinking we have it all under control is when we are most at risk. We never know what might be lurking around the corner....

Are you the same at church, work, at home, and with friends? Character is what you are when no one is around.

One huge way we can stay on track in our recovery is thru our daily gratitude list.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Great reminder for me today that even when things are not going good and our circumstances may not be what I desire that I can still rejoice for what He has given me.
What are you thankful for today. First pray about it, “Lord, show me what blessing I have in my life” The take a couple minutes and write them down. It may be hard at first and may start with:
1. Thankful that I am breathing
2. Thankful that I have my health
3. Thankful that my house is still here after the storm, etc. etc

Once you get going, things start popping in your head that you never imagined. An attitude of gratitude changes our whole perspective on our situation.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Run Trailer


John and Cheryl Baker, CR founders are reading thru the script this past week and filming is set to begin this summer. Exciting stuff!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty from ashes

Sometimes in the earthquakes of our life it can seem that nothing good can come out of this madness and destruction. But....that is when God can show off His greatest beauty and find the beauty in the midst of the ashes that is the Mosaic of our life. We are all broken, all matter and only One gets the Glory! Our name is now NEW CREATION!

Passage taken from the Celebrate Recovery Bible 2 Cor 5:11-21
Character Study page 1455 "My Name is New Creation"

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life's Healing Choices in Middle East!!!

Success!!!! Thank you Lord for Your leading us thru this time. Thank You for the many seeds that were planted in Your name!

Thank you so much for praying with us and for our team in our travels to present LHC to Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, (Bethlehem, Jerusalem), and Kuwait. God did and continues to do amazing things. Many seeds were planted.
See below for a small sampling and some specific answered prayers.

Leadership for me as the team leader to lead my team well and lean on Christ as the ultimate leader of our group- We had very minor illnesses with a few team members but all of them came at times after the work needed to be done. Thank you personally for helping me as the leader to lead our great group of servant hearts on this journey. We had great chemistry and amazing work accomplished.
– Prep time leading up to trip- thru May 11th- We were all extremely prepared and God provided a great view to see Him at work
– Health of our team leading up to and thru the duration of the trip- Craig and Angela got some pretty nasty head colds. Three of us, Craig, Don, Rodney had sore throats most of the time there and then Don and Luanne had stomach stuff lingering. But all of them were manageable and God pulled us thru it.
– Safe Travel to and from- Angela and Larry coming a day later than rest of team- We had great safe flights. Don had to get creative with his pillow cause we had to catch some sleep on the floor of the airport. :)

Larry did lose a very important bag on one of the flights that had a laptop and all his notes for the conference. The enemy was trying hard to discourage him. After seeing how God used his story and teaching it made much more sense afterward why he had so much trouble.

– Preparation for teachers and small group leaders- All the personal stories and personal application came across very well and God used in a huge way.

– That the testimonies being shared would penetrate the hearts of all those in attendance.- All reports we have and continue to receive back indicate incredible blessings and many hearts touched.

60 in Jordan: Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, are some that will be in attendance
120 adults and in Egypt in attendance- Actually doubled expected attendance to 220 and had to shut down registration due to no more room!!! Amazing!!

The last day we were there we did a "nail it to the Cross" only we used stones instead of rocks. The emotion and love that was seen at the Cross was so heartfelt and genuine. I cannot even begin to describe it in words. The Holy Spirit was very present.
– Safety for our team and all those coming to the Conference while there especially with the turmoil going on in the M.E. right now- God protected us each and every step of the way!!
– Safety for those traveling from other countries- Everyone made it safely without incident!
– God’s wisdom to intercede- “But, our culture is different” Those are the words day one and two we heard from many. Then to “maybe it can be different here. Maybe we can share our stuff.” God is taking a culture that did not believe it was possible to share our stuff with and changing their belief that they don’t have to keep their stuff inside any longer.

While we were there 12-15 leaders were called up to the front to be introduced as new leaders for upcoming CR’s to be birthed out of this. Many of these folks had attended the Syria trip last August. Much fruit came from that first conference and now much fruit will come from this trip.
Talk about overwhelming to see them up there and to be able to pray for them. Wow! God is big!
We also saw a large group of young adults standing outside the worship center one evening praying together, holding hands (unheard of in this culture) praying and worshiping together. Their prayer? ‘We want to be the next generation that will change how things have happened over many decades. May we be the generation of strength and courage to change how we deal with our stuff.” Change is coming!!!!!

– Team Unity while in the 15 days time together.- I can speak from my own experience and then the team debrief we had. Incredible unity and team spirit! What a blessing.
We met some amazing men and women while there.

Here are a few amazing men and women from the area. We were so blessed to meet them.

– That we would be prepared spiritually as a team with the Full Armor of God- We had every inch of armor on and it showed in how He guided us thru each step even when we were very tired.
– Protection for our families left behind while we are away- Again, God took care of that too with all our families being taken care of!!! Yeah God!
– That we would have a constant reminder in our walk that He is the one in control and not us.- Many reminders thru out as the issues coming to us were so overwhelmingly huge. Abuse, rape, drugs very rampant in Jersusalem and Bethlehem, pornography and unhealthy habits stemming from that, anger, fear, and on and on. Only He can be in control of that. It is amazing how no matter where you are in the world, we are more similar than you think.
– That God would change us while on this journey.- We all walked away better people after seeing and experiencing what we did. All of us challenged to continue our walk in Him.

How cool is it to see Life's Healing Choices in Arabic being used man mile away!?!?!? VERY COOL!!!

– Life’s Healing Choices will be used as a tool to present the gospel and penetrate the Middle East in huge ways. Ultimately lead more to Christ and His healing power.- Several groups already started since leaving the Middle East. God is already spreading this message of hope thru LHC and life’s are changing as we speak. YEAH GOD! Many CR step groups and Life’s Healing Choices groups are being birthed across the Middle East as a result of what He did the past two weeks. People get ready!

We also had some play days to see some incredible history. We saw the Great Pyramids

and then rode camels across the Sahara Desert to the Sphinx (Sp?) Wow! Very cool. We also learned that De-nial is not just a river in Egypt.

We saw some incredible Mosaic art as well done by hand many many years ago.

Isn't it great to know that know matter where we live we all can worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!? All of us are broken, all of us matter and He has the power to help us recover and One, Jesus Christ gets the Glory for all He does in our life.
Imagine a view standing in the footprints of where Moses was once standing on Mt Nebo, where he looked out into the promise land before the Lord took him away. To your left about 200kil you will see The Sea of Galilee, straight ahead where it flows into the Jordan River where Jesus would be baptized, to your slight left off in the distance, Jericho, a little further left in the distance, Mt of Olives, and then to your left the Dead Sea. Wow! Such amazing history.

Thank you so much for your prayer covering while we were gone!!! Please continue to pray for our team for Physical, emotional and spiritual as we go thru reentry now. God bless all the great CR leaders who stayed behind to manage our own CR so that we could go and share the Good News thru Life's Healing Choices to our friends in the Middle East. More photos to be posted on Facebook from Don and Craig who were our primary photographers for the trip. Good stuff coming.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First leg complete

Wow! Where are we and what day is this?!? Time has stood still since arriving here and yet it feels like we have been gone for months. Missing my friends and family dearly.
We just got done saying goodbye to our friends as we wrapped up our first conference of the two. It is never easy to say goodbye.
Lots of hugs an lots of tears.
Imagine a generation of young adults that have now tasted what healing can be like once we submit our life and will to Him and His power.

Picture a group of men and women standing in a circle holding hands (mind you it is not acceptable for this to happen in public) praying, worshiping God. What we they praying for?
"We are the next generation and we can make an impact for life change. We can break the cycle"
That is one example of what is happening here!
Many people came up telling us that "we have been given hope that there can be a better life and freedom in Christ.
We are learning that we can share in safe group.
People came up sharing of praying at the cross about forgiving peole from many years ago.

God is moving in the Middle east. Many leaders are now about 3 months in in. Step group and lives are changing. Many leaders have agreed to step up and lead an new group once their group is complete.
We had the gift to pray over them.

Next step is to do a CR training.

I know this note is sketchy and all over the board but I am doing this from an airport and trying to be fast.

Please keep Praying. God is doing sonmuch work and sonmuch life change. Humbled that he is using this broken messed up guy to be a part of it.