Activate: Secret Shield

Activate Secret Shield! Isn't it funny that we get in our cars and drive down the road believing it is some kind of imaginary shield. Some, I think, believe their car structure and windows keep them from the world seeing anything inside their car. Case and point: I was driving to an appointment and there was a guy in his car digging into his nose as if no one else in the world could see him. I think he touched hid brain. It was cracking me up.  Ok, so I know a little gross to start off your morning. This got me to thinking though about how we approach life with this imaginary shield sometimes.  There was a time I believed that my mask was shielding me from anyone knowing who the real me was. Or even what was going on in my heart. The funny thing is, just like in our car, we may believe we are shielded from anyone knowing or seeing what is really going on behind our shield. The truth is though, people know and see it, they may just be afraid to tell us. They see the cracks in our mask and just don't know how to approach us. They may have tried previously, "uh bro, I see you digging in your nose" and been slammed down with rejection because of our persistence to stay in denial. If you are wearing this mask today, it is a good day to take that mask off and acknowledge what so many around you already know. It's a good time to stop having all the answers for all "those other messed up people" in your family or life, and deal with our own. This is a daily process for me to keep the mask down. I didn't wear the mask well and it just wore me out. Time to live a new day and life just as you are. "Be strong & courageous. Do not be terrified or discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."Josh 1:9 Yes, He will be with you even if you take off the mask. As scary as this thought may be, trust me, it is so much better to live life this way. Have a blessed "mask-free" day. Rodney Holmstrom


  1. Thank you for putting this important truth into words!


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