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Worrying = No Trust

Well it happened again two nights know those nights where you toss and turn, lying wide awake "worrying" about stuff that is not in my control.
3am rolled around and once I finally realized what I was doing I decided to get up and get in the Word.  I opened my CR bible to read on Powerless and guess what scripture the reading was tied to? "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Mt 6:34

Yeah, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Once I started voicing my worries in my journal to the Father and let go of the stuff I was hanging onto, I was able to go back to bed and sleep like a baby.
I am learning that worrying is just a form of failing to trust God. God is teaching me that I need not fret about those things out of my control, and start focusing on what God can do.
As I continue to seek Him, my anxiety will begin to fade away. Now, if I can just remember this tomorrow when I wake up. :)

What has y…

Be "You": I Love "You"!

There is an old Andy Griffith Episode where a Hollywood producer comes to Mayberry cause he wants to make a big film. Andy gives him a tour of the town and introduces him to all the great people. He absolutely falls in love and plans on returning to begin filming. When he returned a few days later he found a town that was now unrecognizable. A town that completely changed but only on the surface. The town now dressed, spoke, "acted", differently, and had completely changed the look of the town, all to impress the producer. They were trying to be something that just wasn't them. Reminds me of how we can be in our faith walk. We are accepted and received just as we are but after Christ receives us, we think we have to do something to make Him more impressed with us. When in fact, He just loves us for us.  He just wants us to be us, real and not put on a fake mask or costume that makes us look like something we are not.  Truth is, growth will come, but He wants it to be ge…

I Thought It Was Fish

A little boy and girl asked their dad if they could get candy on the way home. Their dad replied, "yes, but don't eat it until after dinner ok? We are having fish tonight and i don't want you to spoil your dinner."
"Ok daddy," the son replied. "But can I hold it on the way home?"
Dad: "Yes, but remember, don't open it ok?"
On the way home dad heard the wrapper crinkling.
He pulled into the drive way and turned around to look at his kids in the back seat.
The son's candy was gone. Dad asks the son, "what happened to your candy son?"
Without missing a beat, the son says, "sissy ate it!"

The dad took his son inside the house and sat him on the bathroom counter where he could see himself and...the chocolate smothered all around his face.
He asked his son again, "son, let me ask you again, did you eat your candy bar?"
Realizing the evidence was not in his favor, he replies, "yes daddy."
Dad: "Why did…

Denial: It’s ALL It’s Cracked Up To Be