Monday, June 28, 2010

The Journey

Someone always got to ride on the “shelf” in the back. A journey is going from one destination to the other - or one passage to another.
All of us, whether we thing about it or not are on a journey -a passage of life until we meet Jesus. What has your journey looked like so far? Smooth? Bumpy? Uneventful? Filled with hardship hurt and pain? Successful? Mediocre? Exciting or just run of the mill? Psalm 37:23--Our steps are made firm by the Lord, when He delights in our way. We have the ability to choose to make this life a pilgrimage of faith and trust or we can choose to “ do it our way.” There are many passages that we go through as we travel this journey called life.
What important things have you taken with you on your journey? What things do you wish that you left behind, instead of dragging them along? What stuff is hindering you now from enjoying the journey? My journey has not always been a pleasant one, but God has shown me along the way the important things that help make the journey easier. My Bible -- it gives me an eternal perspective on the territory that that I am passing through right now. The Spirit- speaks to my heart and is the compass that always points me to God’s love. Of course, I have learned that I have to carry my trusty staff of faith to lean on, and a sturdy faith that God will lead me forward. I have to have a grateful heart- if I didn’t, how could I see the unexpected, delightful things along the way. You also have to have people who love you and special friends who share the journey with you, so it will be less lonely, because they love and encourage you along the way.
Sometimes God will call you into a new journey in a different direction. Situations change, priorities shift, and suddenly you find yourself a wandering pilgrim again -- learning new lessons about God. Are you flexible? Sometimes you have to allow for the unexpected. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. You may have a god idea on how to proceed -- but God may choose to lead you down a different path. Don’t get angry with detours and delays--be determined to learn. Oftentimes they are gifts to us to prepare us for the next step of the journey. Expect to be changed. Know you will be a different person than the one who first started the journey. God loves you just the way you are, but loves you too much to let you stay the way you are. Place your trust in God--He will lead you safely on your journey--His way is safer than the known way. He will lead us safely to our destination. Psalm 37:4--Wait passionately for God--don’t leave the path. ( The Message )
Your life is a journey you must travel with deep consciousness of God. It cost God plenty to get you out of that dead-end, empty-headed life you grew up in. I Peter 1:17-18 ( The Message )
Father: there are two journeys that we make through this life - our outer journey with all the little instances and milestones, and our inner journey, the spiritual journey with a secret history all it’s own. As we continue to walk in this journey called life - we thank you that you continue to walk along us. Make our steps firm, give us an unshakeable faith and grateful hearts to know that our steps are made firm by you. Help us to stay focused and not take our eyes off of you, lead us safely to our destination. Teach us to wait passionately for you each and every step of the way. Amen.
As you walk on this journey called life - let God supply you with everything that you need for the journey-our steps are made firm by Him. Have a blessed week Janice -Encourager Coach-Team.
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Gifts and Talents

To this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example that you should follow in His footsteps. I Peter 2:21. We are in the world, but not of the world. We who have been called by God to become who we are meant to be in Christ. It is up to us to decide whether or not we will answer the call. God has created and called you to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. He has a plan for your life and if you answer His call to growth and service, He will help you become the person He created you to be.
We are unique individuals. There is no else like you. Each of us have our own styles and personalities, quirks and preferences. God has called us to bring our unique combination of gifts and talents to a higher purpose. We are called to be like Christ. Sometimes, we allow ourselves to get squeezed in to the world’s mold. That, sometimes being the easy way to exist. We are not called to be like the world. You are called to be different, not because of what you do or do not do, but because of who you are and in who you believe. God wants us to be creative with our gifts and talents to make the world a better place, to be compassionate, to help one another by being the hands of God in a hurting world, to be conscientious to do the best you can by trusting God with the rest, and to be committed and willing to stand for the truth even when the crowd wants you to lie.
Every time that you make an important decision, remember that God has called you. Think about it, will your decision serve the highest good? Remind yourself that you are someone special in God’s eyes, called to a unique and wonderful path of growth and service.
It is not what we do that matters, but what a sovereign God chooses to do through us.
Sometimes in our dysfunction, we cannot see ourselves as worthy vessels or useful to God. One thing to remember, we were created to love God and each other and to serve. God has committed some work to you which He has not committed to another. Romans 11:29 - The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.
What is keeping you from saying yes to God’s call on your life? Are you being open and creative or dwelling on “ I’m not good at that” “ They do it better than me.” How are you going to know what you are good at if you are not praying for God to show you or even trying? Learn to be open and responsive to those “nudgings” from God. Seek God’s highest good in all situations. Are you doing your best and trusting God with all the rest?
Could your calling be at stake? What insecurities or shortcomings are holding you back? The way we behave overwhelmingly flows from what we deeply believe. God’s specialty is raising dead things to life, and making impossible things possible. We were created for commitment. Expect to change and to grow -- to do new things. Don’t hold on to all the things that you have a knack to do -- thinking it is silly or doesn’t mean anything. How will you know unless you are willing to try? You will never know if it will bless someone, cause joy and laughter, even peace and comfort to another unless you at least try. I will never sing like an angel, but the voice I do have can be used to honor and glorify my Savior. So if you happen to be sitting by me while I am singing, it is ok to laugh, or to even get up and move somewhere else but my heart tells me to be brave and to make a joyous noise.
Father: We are all called to serve in some way and to use the gifts that You have given us. Give us a heart like yours. Help us not to be timid or shy or think that we are not good enough. Help us to be sensitive to Your “nudging” and step out in faith to share what we have.
As you start the week, begin to pray asking God to show You your gifts and talents, then be brave enough to step out and use them for His glory & honor. Have a blessed week.
Janice Encourager Coach-Team
Fellowship Bible Church Rogers, AR
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Five Guatemala

Today we went into La Limonada, the Ghetto of Guatemala City. Those that dont know there are right at 60,000 people in a mile and a half radius. Five gangs in this small area battle against one another for superiority.

We went to this area this year with one primary role and that was to encourage our friends, the La Limonada teachers as they work so hard in pouring out to so many people and rarely make time for themselves to recharge. Tita and Kate, the two amin leaders of all 40 leaders do what they do all day long and then go home to 11 people living under the same roof that they have brought in off the streets.
Brings new meaning to me on no rest for the weary.

Each one of these teachers have stroies and crazy lives they go home to on top of teh craziness they see every day in broken children they minister to every day of every week. goes without saying they needed some time to be ministered to for a change.
We first met with Tita, the school leader and prayed over her. As we discussed with her, we were there to be the brothers and sisters that come along side a woman of God who is holding hewr arms up every day in prayer over the community of La Limonada. She needs lose friends like Moses did in Exodus 17 to hold her arms and Kate´s arms up to give them rest for a while. I believe that is why we were supposed to be here today.
After we prayed over Tita, we went up tot eh top floor of school number 2 where 40 plus teachers awaited our arrival along with a handful fo folks that work in the carpentry shop.
We were told right off the bat that we could not take pictures during this time as four gang members attending our meeting that have recently started working in the carpentry shop. Tita is rying to pour life into these young men. Yes, young men, they are littel boys trained at an early age to kill and do so.
She has a vision to pour truth into these boys in hope fo breaking the cycle of dystruction. One issue that came to our attention was the gang had already scared off one of Tita´s great teachers who had been threatened to have his head cut off and killed. So he ran and quit teh school job with Tita. Tita was devistated from this. Can make you stop adn think about the things we gripe about at work huh?

The focus of our time was worship where Amanda and Taylor lead us in Hosanna. What an amazing time to start teh time with. Then I shared a word from Luke 24 starting with verse 13, on the village to Emmaus. He is really gone, what do we do now? Just a reminder that we may be in a spot in our life where we think how could God allow this to happen to us. What I wanted didnt happen, and what I didnt want, i got. These two disciples, much like the teachers of La Limonada had faith but in times of pain may have lost their vision. We had hoped....becomes the phrase we use much like the disciples saying we ahd hoped He would be the one to free Israel.
Max Lucado gives us a great picture that when we keep our eyes on Him and realize even in the midst of a dusty road that He is with us and the very hand that gives us the bread of life on this road is in fact Jesus Himself with nail scarred hands, then our vision changees. Yes, I paraphrased that but you get the point.

After I shared several other scriptures and the word of encouragement, we had a time of them just resting. We sang over them. The Song For the Bride. Ít Talks about rest and returning to Him with our hurt and filthy rags being cleaned, that He is waiting to give us rest in Him.
That is exactly what they did too. Much like Tita did last time, I sang thru it several times at her request as they lie their heads down in rest and soaked up the scripture from that song in Isaiah.
Then our team walked around and prayed over them as many wept in crying out to Christ much like the scripture in Rom 8:26 reminds us. He truly heard their moans and the groans of the heart.

Our afternoon consisted of getting into homes and praying over many people on four separate teams. So many stories of how God revealed Himself. Every home we all entered showed such gratitude for us coming and praying for them. They love to know someone cares and that someone would care enough to stop and pray with them. They said they were blessed but we were the ones blessed. A reoccuring theme. So much hurt....

I wish we would have had more time with our friends to encourage them and give them oxygen to their soul but God had us for that time period adn we did what He wanted us to do.

We said our goodbyes to our friends. Tita hugged me and the last thing she told me before we got back in the van was, Rodney I feel so much better. Wow, thank You Father.

Friday night was amazing as always. We had CR with our friends Pastor Saul and his wife Laila. Great worship and a great refreshing time. We had a chance to pray over all the CR leaders. Great group of people. Never question the heart of a volunteer. How cool to see God moving in the hearts of the world thru CR.
Larry shared his testimony and it blessed them so much. Strong leaders here and back home adn across the world in CR! They want Larry to record it and send it to them. Lots of blessed people there to hear it. We got to hear from a man and a woman that have been thru the program as well, one dealing anger and one a wife of an alcoholic. Amazing words of hope from all of them!

Tomorow we visit the dump where the land was purchased for the future recovery center lead by Pastor Saul. Cant wait!

So much hurt in this world and yet we have to do what we can in our own influence to help. We can´t change the whole world but we can change the world we are in that touches our circle. He is the only one that heals but sometimes we are gifted enough to recognize when and if He is telling us to minister to someone in our circle of influence starting with our own family.

God takes the cracked pots that we are and uses it to bring hope to somoene just like us. We get to do this. Who do you need to reach out to today in your circle?

Day four Guatemala

As we wrapped up day there in Guatemala I was telling you about how we shared CR with Pastor Augustine and how he was really starting to get it. His eyes lit up with joy at the thought of healing coming to their village.
After we broke bread with our friends, they wanted to have a church service under one of the roofs that had been freshly put on.
We were all sitting in the room with dirt floors but a dry and new roof when that is when Pastor Saul came into the room with his personal bible, dressed up in his finest dress clothes. What an amazing picture to see a man just minutes earlier up on a roof working very hard to the next dressed up ready to share a word with our friends. Good lesson for all of us to see.
He then told us about getting his pastor license in a town about six hours away. He was so proud of that license and held it up to show us with great humility.
He was honored to be able to share God´s word with the village and hoped that the new community center would bring more from surrounding villages.
Again, as the week had started in celebration it ended with sadness as the pastor said in his words, my heart is broken that my friends are leaving me.
He then got choked up adn cried in front of the whole congregation.
Very moving moment to say the least.
There were lots of pictures and lots of hugs as well as tears as Pastor sang with every ounce of his heart of us in spanish. Videos and pictures to come soon.
The hardest thing in the world was to kiss and hug people in the village as we said our goodbyes. The men were starting to kiss our women on the cheek and hug us men when we left. Amazing. This is not their culture. They were showing us love. While we prayed for people, men were even shwoing their emotion thru tears. Again, amazing stuff, this just doesnt happen.

One village drunk even was inpsired by us being there this week and working to improve his village, that he had gone 4 days without a drink. Wow.

We called it a day and headed for the soup kitchen in Guatemala City.
Long drive down from the mountains and everyone was very tired, but we had a surge of energy upon seeing our sister Janet at teh Lords Kitchen. She moved here to only stay for a few months and has now been here 10 years serving hundreds to thousands of people in the kitchen every week. Amazing woman. I found out this trip that she has seven brothers and sisters and none of them have ever been there to see what she is doing. Reminds me that we need to stay invloved in knowing our families activities. Life is too precious adn too short. We may bring encouragement.

We saw so much brokenness and hurt. Amanda and I were leading worship with Taylor playing guitar and at one point the emotion became too great for her. In her words, it is so hard to see so many broken people and so many addictions. The tears were flowing...
The people here have hoplessness in their eyes like nothing we have seen before.
Mixed in with all the hurt and hopelessness we did see lots of joy and excitement for our being there. How humbling it was to hear how blessed they were for us to be there. In fact we were the ones blessed.

Long day and very exhausted but the team is being troopers. Gary hurt his back and desperately needs to his chiropractor. He is walking around like a hunch back. Please pray for him.

What a blessing this is to share with my sweet wife, daughter and great friends. God is so good.
Tomorrow is La Limonada, the ghetto of Guatemala City

Love you all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day three Guatemala

June 23, 2010

Today had to be the most physical by far for all of us on the team. We finished up teh remaining roofs and hauled wood that arrived by truck up the mountain to a widows home that was being built.
In total we carried pieces one by one up this mountain that would cause you to huff and puff just walking it in itself let alone carrying anything in your hands like large 1 by 12 peices of wood.
We literally felt like we were dying as we carried these pieces up this three quarter mile hike.
Then in a huge sense of being humbled, we would see this kids no higher than my knees walking up barefoot passing us on the hill to carry a piece of wood up the hill. Talk about humbling...

This took most of the morning into the afternoon to get this all loaded up the hill. Wow, we were exhausted but felt to good to know we had done a huge think in helping our friends build this new home.
The remainder of the homes got finished oofing.
In total 7 homes were roofed adn three new homes built in teh village. The pasotr Hugo told us that this was huge as what was accomplished in tow days usually would take some a life time to acquire if at all.
What a beautiful picture of community working together and God using everyone to work to a big plan.
We got to sit down with Pastor Augustine and share about CR. Baby steps for sure in this but I think he is really getting it and this could happen very soon. I cannot imagine what it would look like to see this vilalge and some fo the other 200 villages coming together to find healing thru CR wow.

The afternoon was so cool cause they put on a fiesta for us to thank us for helping repair and clean up their village. Icnredible time of worship and humility as they again set off fireworks. More to come in my next post......

Day two Guatemala

June 22, 2010

Today we arrived at the Sunil Vilalge again and began working on the roofs of the houses detroyed from the hurricane and volcano that erupted weeks earlier.
You would not believe the energy and excitement in all the people around 60 in total as we came to repair their broken homes.
We divided up in four teams and began working hard as team.
I am amazed at how hard every one of the team members worked to get this much needed work done.
As we were working on one house we noticed how much pride the man of the home took in making sure that it was done with great precision. He had four walls, a dirt floor and that was a about it but he was going to be a good steward of what was given to him and him family. Striving for excellence.
A great lesson in understanding that it is not so much what we have in abundance but that we use what we are given to honor Him.
The roofs went on pretty quickly once we got going and we had a such a blast doing it together. We laughed so much and to see these men who take their work very seriously laugh and have fun while doing an important task was such a blessing.

Susan and a selected team, Amanda, Carol, Taylor and Sherrie, to name a few began working on making a flower garden to dress up the ladies yard. When it was complete, you would not believe the pride she had in that garden. She was calling people from neighboring villages to see her garden. What joy she had. What a blessing. Kind of made me pause adn think whether I am grateful about what I have or am I alwasy looking for more and better things...
As the day neared the end and we were walking back to our vans it was so neat to look back and see so many shiny roofs, new and keeping their homes dry now. What a sight of God's blessing. But the real sight was in the smiles from the people.

We were all tired but oh so blessed to be a part of bringing some form of hope and repair to their village.
Relationships continue to get stronger with our friends and smiles getting greater by the minute as they see their village transforming.

Tomorrow we finish up some more roofs and help in building a home for a local widower. This home is up on the top of teh mojntain and all teh wood must be hauled by hand up there. Many peices of 1 by 12 sheets of wood. Very heavy and a very long haul. Better get some sleep.
We also have an opportunity to visit with the Village Pastor Augustine about CR and teh possibilities of starting it there for them and the surrounding villages.
Cool stuff.

God is so big and so good!

Guatemala thus far

Day 1 in Guatemala June 21, 2010

We traveled to Sunil Village in the mountains to see our old friend Hugo and |Suzzana who are missionaries there to help these great people.
What a great reunion it was to see our friends faces when we arrived in the village.
This day was about relationship building as we knew the scond day would be about working to replace the homes and roofs destroyed from the hurricane weeks ago. We wanted to create bonds so it would be easier to work together with our team and the villagers.
We first ate sack lunches in one of the homes of the villagers.
They went thru a great deal of trouble putting out the nicest table clothes they could find and decorated the room so we would have a nice place to eat. All the women and children were dressed in the finest clothes they had. Nothing like we see here in the states but it was the finest in there village. They wanted to honor us as their freinds. Wow! What a priviledge it was to be welcomed with such love and honor. We were the ones that were honored to be in their presence.
They set off firewords that they paid for with their own money. Remember they have next to nothing but spent some of their hard earned money to honor us. In this country when they set off fireworks it is for a great celebrations, birthdays etc. When we heard these going off upon our arrival, it brought big tears to many of our team memebers. Knowing what it cost. It reminded me of Mary giving her years worth of wage to wash Jesus feet with perfume to prepare Him for burial and Judas criticizing her for wasting it. She was honoring Him. Our friends were honoring us. Talk about humbling.
After we ate, we played soccer with new soccer balls that they may not have ever seen before.
You would not believe the incredible laughter and joy that was on their faces, children and adults alike. Wow, they work so hard to survive here and I think rarely have time to play.
People were laughing and playing and it didnt matter what nationality you were, they all loved and had fun with one another.

We then had a fiesta to celebrate our arrival with pinatas and that was a hoot to say the least as the kids charged the candy as it fell to the ground.
The people this time seem to have more joy in their faces. Not sure why. Maybe because some are noticing them and showing them love, maybe God is up to something big that we cannot even see. Don't know for sure but what a thrill to see it with our own eyes in action.

Tomorrow we work hard to repair houses roofs and gardening as well as clean up. Need much rest tonight to prepare for that.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marriage is an Act of Creation

Marriage is an act of creation. It's the skillfull, imaginative, and loving artistry of God given as a gift to men and women.
Your marriage has the fingerprints of Creator God upon it. Treasure and defend it for the magnificent work of art it truly is.

Marriage Minutes
Bob and Cheryl Moeller
Friday, June 11, 2010

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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Legacy

A legacy is defined as -- “ an inheritance handed down from one generation to a next.” This had been on my mind this week as I had just visited with three of my grandchildren from another state and the three that live here. What will be my legacy be to them? I have a few cherished items, but I want it to be more than that.
Some of us grew up in dysfunctional families, and the legacy that was handed down to us was not one that we would like to remember let alone pass down. It created character defects within us, gave us a distorted picture of the world and of people. Some of the things we became, we certainly did not want to pass that on to another generation. As our heart became sensitive to God and we allowed Him to show us our character defects, He also gave us the power and the ability to change. For some of us, this change came in an early time of life and for others at a later time. The good thing is, change did come. So as I began to think about these things -- I began to really think about the legacy that I would leave behind. Would the people that I know and love really know that they were loved? How would they remember me? How will they remember you? Dysfunctional? Emotional? Without hope and joy? Complaining? Never satisfied? Unable to live without your addictions? Cranky? Abusive? Never taking time for them? Making them feel less than or a burden. Many people have felt that way -- that was their legacy.
What do you want your legacy to look like to your family, friends, and the world? Will there be repercussions? Consequences? Damage control? Will there be fruit? Heirlooms to cherish? Sweet traditions? Behaviors that others will want to emulate? Sadness and sorrow with nothing good you would want to have passed down?
Joel 2:25 I will give you back what the locust have taken away. It is never too late to start building or rebuilding your legacy. Many of us, in over coming our dysfunction, act in a new and different way. The ability to love ourselves will over flow to others. The ability to forgive ourselves will make us able to forgive others. Our reverence for God and our willingness to submit to His will and authority will paint a beautiful picture that we will want to pass on. As we take our eyes off of ourselves and begin to serve others, it will show others what a joy it is to serve, and hopefully encourage them to serve. As you listen to others ( especially sweet grandchildren ), you are teaching them to be listeners? Are you are patient, kind, encouraging, and acting in a manner which will enhance the dignity and worth of one another? Are you walking and abiding in faith? Do you take the opportunity to talk about the marvelous things that God has done for you and His great love for you? What kind of picture of God are you painting with your life? Do you also speak of His great acts of faithfulness? Do you pray for others and with others?
Mr. Peanut, also affectionately known as grandpa --would sit and read his Bible several times a day. He did not always have a personal relationship with the Lord. Later on, a changed man, he loved and served the Lord. As he got older he became totally blind. A little Hispanic man, full of love and grace, every morning could be heard thanking his precious Savior for the beautiful morning and the life God had given him. Gentle, generous, kind and funny, full of love. This is a part of my legacy. I am so proud of it!!
Father: thank you for giving us your son -- He is our legacy and inheritance. Amen
As you walk on this journey called life-- are you living life in a manner that will be fondly remembered by others or, living it in a way they will not want to talk about? This is your legacy.

Have a blessed week.

Janice Encourager Coach FBC CR-team.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm so bad????

Have you ever had a moment, day or week, when you felt like you were in a dream and you woke up to find that the very things that you were doing were wrong and the reality of the things you were doing hit you? It was like being oblivious to what you were doing. Do you immediately try to justify your bad behavior? Do you try to find someone who will agree with you or even use scripture to justify your own bad behavior? Don’t you think this only compounds our problems by defending our sin? Do not trust your own mind, it will deceive you. Satan goes about like a roaring lion. Put on the whole armor of God. Take every thought captive to the Lord. What about Peter? He was the first one who stepped out in faith and was able to walk on the water only to sink. He did not want Jesus to go into Jerusalem -- Jesus looked at Him and said “ get thee behind me Satan.” Peter assured Jesus of his loyalty only to deny Him three times. Sometimes, do you even know your own heart? Do you think to yourself, “ what just happened here?” Do we get caught up in the moment or in our emotions? Paul in Romans 7:21-23 ( The Message ) “ it happens so regularly that it is unpredictable. The moment I decide to do good, sin is there to trip me up. I truly delight in God’s commands, but it is pretty obvious that not all of me joins in that delight. Parts of me covertly rebel, and just when I least expect it they take charge. We all can identify with Paul. The problem is our inability to live up to the standard that God has set. Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind is, “When did I decide to take matters into my own hands? How could I have so easily forgotten all the lessons that I have learned? How could I have forgot my need for the Lord?” Or the best, “ When did I become so self sufficient?”
By nature we are flawed and sinful creatures. We long to do what is healthy, good and right, but sometimes we find ourselves doing the very things that we don’t want to do. When you do these things, do you feel defeated, less than, ashamed, and that you fall short? That is how Satan wants you to feel. Condemned, hopeless, or do you look at it as “ I took my eyes off of the Lord, I was going on my emotions, or it was all about me?” We are accountable for our actions. Don’t beat up on yourself or do nothing about it.
We never have to be afraid ( although most of the time ashamed ) to come before the Father and admit our sin. Come to Him for strength and forgiveness. He is patient and longsuffering. He comes to the aide of those who seek Him. We are never far away from His love and His mercy. He is patiently waiting to help us. He is waiting to lead us back on the right path. Take an inventory each and every day. If there is something that you have to confess or ask for forgiveness for -- do it. End each day with a clean slate. James 1:2 - Whoever catches a glimpse of the revealed council of God --the free life--even out of the corner of his eye, and sticks with it, is no distracted scatter brain but a man or woman of action. That person will find delight and affirmation in the action. (The Message ) Open up your heart and let God restore you. How will you respond to God’s love for you? Will you graciously receive His forgiveness? Will you forgive yourself and others?
We look to you Lord, to bring us through every trial that we face each and every day. Sometimes we fall, stumble and just flat out are sinful beings. You allow us to make the choices that we make, but you are also gracious to us. When we get ourselves into the messes that we do, we praise you Lord that along with the problems that we have caused ourselves, You graciously provide forgiveness, wisdom and strength to carry on. Have your way in our lives Father and make us children that you can be proud of. Amen
This week as you walk on this journey called life -- if you mess us, take it to the Lord. Don’t delay and don’t beat yourself up-the Father is there for you.

Janice Encourage Coach-CR Team
FBC NW Arkansas
Rodney 479-659-3679 for contact about our ministry

Who should you tell your marriage problems to?

Who NOT to tell your marriage problems to...

1. Do not tell them to your children.
2. Do not tell them to your parents or siblings.
3. Do not tell them to members of the opposite sex.
4. Do not tell them to strangers on-line.

Who should you tell your marriage problems to...

1. Tell them to an older and wiser married mature Christian person of the same sex.
2. Tell them to your pastor or a mature spiritual leader in your church.
3. Tell them to a Biblical Christian counselor who believes in preserving marriages.
4. Tell them to Jesus in prayer.

"A righteous man (or woman) is cautious in friendship, but the way of the wicked leads them astray." Proverbs 12:26

Remember, marriage is for better for worse for keeps.

Marriage Minutes
Bob and Cheryl Moeller
June 7, 2010

Rodney Holmstrom, CR Leader

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tired and Frazzled? The Remedy is Refreshment

God wants to refresh you. So, spend time this summer in unhurried prayer and Bible study each day. Rest in His presence. He wants to give you peace. It will re-create your life.

Want a summer that is re-creating? Take a trip, even if it's only a day trip. Exercise. Listen to beautiful music. Make something different in your kitchen.

Want a summer that is reviving? Share your faith with someone each day this summer

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." Jeremiah 31:25

Marriage Minutes
Bob and Cheryl Moeller
Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the Dark?

O soul are you weary and troubled? No light in the darkness you see. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in the secret places that you may know I am the Lord who calls you by name. Isaiah 45:3.
How do you handle the times of darkness in your life? None of us is exempt from some time of darkness. When we experience it --we have a choice on how we can handle it. These times of darkness can either be destroying or transforming. If you think about a piece of coal , which you usually find in the darkness of the earth, that is under much stress and pressure for a long period of time, under the right circumstances, will change from that lump of darkness into a beautiful diamond. A diamond is one of the most hardest stones formed and one of the most valuable. When you are handed a chunk of coal in life’s dark times do you look at it as a dirty old piece of coal or as an opportunity to watch and see how God can turn it into a spiritual treasure? Ugly things can become jewels reflecting the light of God if you are willing to walk through the dark times with Him and find the treasure.
Do you face the darkness and acknowledge it? How can you ask God for help it you do not face it and acknowledge it? Don’t hide it. Are you asking God for wisdom and His grace? Are you taking responsibility for all the things that you can do? Don’t complain--do what is in your power to do. Are you acknowledging what is out of your hands and placing it in God’s hands? Maybe there is nothing that you can do right now. Trust, be patient and wait- God’s timing is perfect. Sometimes all we can do is abide in faith and trust in the Lord.
In the darkness out of sight, God uses the pressures and darkness in your life to create a beautiful jewel. Is He trying to create a quiet spirit? Strengthen your character? Make you wiser or bring you to a clearer understanding of who He is? One day we will see--whether in this life or in the shiny crown of glory we will receive in Heaven. Whether or not you can see it or believe it, there are treasures to be discovered when experiencing darkness in your life. Sometimes they can be most of the defining moments in your life. Isaiah 43:2--( The Message ) “Don’t be afraid, I have redeemed you. I’ve called your name. You are mine. When you are in over your head, I’ll be right there with you. When you are in rough waters you will not go down. When you are between a rock and a hard place, it won’t be a dead end -- Because I am God, your personal Savior. I have paid a huge price for you.”
In the darkness of life, take the opportunity to see God. Take all things, things that are extremely difficult, your character flaws and short comings and trust Him to turn the situation into something beautiful -- something you never expected.
Father: Give us the boldness to take your hand and to trust you when things look dark in our lives. Help us to remember that this darkness is temporary and that our true hope rests in eternal things. You are our Sustainer. You can turn our lives into something beautiful if we are willing to reach out to you. You do not let your righteous be moved. Help us to stay focused on you and not on our circumstances or our flaws. Give us eyes to see you clearly in the times of darkness and troubles so that the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of your Glory and Grace.
As you walk on this journey of life-- if you are experiencing some darkness or trouble in your life think about this -- you may be a chunk of coal today, but you are going to be a diamond some day! Have a blessed week.
Janice Encourager Coach-Team
FBC Rogers