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Lessons from the Beach of Orange County:

A six year old boy was about 50 yards from his destination. His mom walking ahead of him a few feet.
He had a walker and two braces covering his legs. I don’t know why his legs were in braces but it was apparent from his walking that each step was very laborious walking on the sandy beach.
His goal? Make it to the ocean.
As I watched this scene unfold, I was mesmerized by the interaction from the six year old boy and his mom as he took his journey thru the sand.

Mom: “C’mon son…the doctor said it would be good for you and make you stronger.”
Boy: Mom, it’s…too…hard.
Mom: Son, you are doing so good. I wish you could see how good you are doing right now.
(The boy seemed to be encouraged as he took additional steps.)
Boy: I can’t go anymore! It’s not fair!
Mom: Son, you are doing so good, you can do this… Keep going….

After about 25 minutes, the boy got within 10 feet of his destination and started crying out to his mom.
Then I saw a picture of incredible compassion as the mom reached down and pic…