Which Mask Do You Wear?

"Here, try this mask on. It will make life so much better" Man, the enemy can be such a deceiver. He has so many different kinds of masks of denial for us to try in his closet of darkness, doesn't he? I can remember being at a point in my life when I "knew" I had stuff I needed to work on. But, I didn't want to interrupt my current life and so I would ask for things to come "alongside" and just add to my current, messed up life. When no significant change happened, this only left me asking, "why isn't this working, maybe God doesn't love me, maybe I deserve this." The truth is though, I didn't need something to cram into my current life process but rather something to "replace" my current life. Thru CR I am learning that I needed to let the old life, the old me, die completely, and let Him in to take over. Then the new life begins. A Marathon has to begin with a single step. The only way to run with perseverance, is to say Lord, not I, but Christ that lives in me. True change only happens when I die to self and allow Christ to mold me into anew. Time to take off the comfortable mask. Something so much better awaits us. The first place to run, is into His loving arms of strength. Have a great day. Rodney Holmstrom


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