Does Anyone Know This Man?

"I feel sick to my stomach". That was my feeling after witnessing one of the most horrific scenes as a young teenager. The power of sin over ones life can be selfish, life threatening and divisive.  There was a married couple that had bought some drugs off of the guy I was staying with in Phoenix AZ. It was common for people to consume the drugs in his bathroom afterward. In this situation the husband overdosed and the wife panicked coming out of the bathroom screaming. "My husband needs help!" Someone called 911 and in minutes and ambulance was on its way. There was a problem though, the apartment was full of illegal drugs and no one wanted to get into trouble. So, two guys dragged this man outside several doors down onto the sidewalk. When the paramedics arrived, they began giving this man care and asked the large crowd surrounding them, "Is anyone related to this man?" and that is when I witnessed incredible divisiveness, selfishness and heartache all in one. The wife of this dying man, never said a word, turned away, & walked back into the apartment, to finish her "hit".  Imagine the heartbreak in this man when we awoke, (IF he awoke, I never heard if he did or not) only to discover his wife denied knowing him. As a young teenager this was as ugly and evil a boy could witness. How could she turn her back on the one she loved?! Worse yet, on the one who loved her?! As I was reflecting on this ugly memory from my ugly past, I thought about how heartbreaking sin is in this world. I got to thinking too about how I was no different than that lady. For so long, my Father asked the question with me standing in the crowd, "do any of you want to know Me?" I was the one who turned my back and walked away only to continue my life apart from Christ. Imagine the heartbreak I caused the Father for denying Him. For so long my decisions were to keep doing what I was doing, walking in darkness, selfishness, destructiveness, causing heartbreaking divisiveness from my Father and loved ones. Today, I am so blessed to have another chance to breathe and live for Him. Today, I recognize that while I may not use substances any longer to hide from my pain, I have to stay on guard cause other things can become my coping mechanism; Pride, anger, selfishness, bitterness, resentments, fear and more. All these things can just as easy cause me to turn from the One who loves me. Today, I receive His grace and love with gratitude for not ever giving up on me. What has the Lord done for you? What has He rescued you from? Have you taken some time to say thank You and that you love Him? The Father loves to hear from His kids. “I love you, O LORD, my strength."Psalm 18:1  Have a wonderful day friend. Don't quit before your miracle happens. Rodney Holmstrom


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