This Is Taking Too Long

This is taking way too long!! What is it going to take to finally heal? What do I need to do to start seeing change in my life? I don't know about you but when I want something done, sometimes I can be so impatient. Come on already! Sometimes we can look at recovery as a drive thru can't we? "Yes, I will take the life change meal, super size that! Also a large drink of healed wounds, hold the side of defects, and hurry, I got things to do!" But that is not how it works is it? It would be nice with some of the painful stuff so many,maybe even you are walking around with today. Alcoholism, drugs, broken relationships, abuse, divorce,sexual &physical abuse, workaholism, anger, fear of failure, shame, doubt, death, sickness,& family disorders, all painful stuff. Even the ones that come from decent backgrounds have pain they are working thru. I was reading some stuff on dealing with life's junk from Robert McGee and he said, "put yourself in an environment of growth, which includes honesty,affirming relationships, right thinking, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and time." Now that sounds pretty familiar to me. We call that Celebrate Recovery. I am so grateful that though life change and healing may not be on my time table, Christ uses all those elements in CR to bring healing in huge ways. One thing is for certain, we can drive in to our CR's across the nation, & Christ is ready to serve you the most amazing order of His wonderful mercy, a truckload of love like you have never experienced, a large drink of compassion, care, and a free gift of grace if you order today with  steady dose of change. Now that is a super size deal! Thank God for CR that is an environment of growth, which includes honesty, affirming relationships, right thinking, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and time. Change is possible!! Rodney Holmstrom


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