Is Their Soul Worth It?

Have you ever been inside a prison? There is a distinct smell that is unlike no other. Then there is the place much worse in smell and appearance, they call it "the hole". A place that is a padded room in isolation for those that have been an extra burden to the guards or have threatened or attempted to harm themselves. We have some brothers in our ministry that have been going inside our jails to share CR. I am so grateful for them and their utilizing CR to a group of men in jail. Change was beginning to take place in this one individual, we'll call "Joe" and they were encouraged. Then one week they came back, and "Joe" was gone. He was in "the hole" because he had gone off on the guards and had tried to take his life multiple times. Our CR brother, we'll call "Tim" was given permission to walk down into this isolated smelly area to see him. What he witnessed was a very broken man, sitting in a chair in the corner, very angry, at God, himself, and the world. A piece of glass separated the two men. They began to talk and pray. "Tim" had a CR bible he was carrying and he opened it up and pressed it against the prison glass. Imagine this picture, this broken, angry prisoner gets up walks over to the glass and begins reading the CR bible... thru the glass. Wow! "Tim" was willing to crawl down into some of the worst conditions to share the truth, pray and be an example for a hurting brother. Today, this man is out of jail, growing daily, attending church, attending CR, trusting God for direction and a new purpose. "Before most unbelievers accept the Bible as credible they want to know that we are credible." Rick Warren. "Joe" had to "see" a different kind of man in "Tim" before he would follow this Book, he had pressed up against the glass that day. I am humbled this AM to ask myself, "Am I willing to do whatever it takes to bring another soul into the Kingdom? I am grateful for men and women in this ministry, once lost and blind, now blessed and willing to be a blessing to others that have not tasted what we have tasted. Apart from Christ, we are all prisoners and it smells pretty bad doesn't it? I am grateful for those who reached out to this smelly Rodney, neck deep in my sewage of sin. Who is the person you need to invite to CR this week?  I can't keep it unless I give it away. “Trust the LORD & His mighty power."Ps105:4 Rodney Holmstrom


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