I am pretty challenged when it comes to sense of direction when traveling. Yesterday I was driving to the DFW Airport to fly back home. I had my GPS though and felt confident as I started my journey home.  What I discovered was all the construction going on all thru the city highway caused some great difficulties.  GPS kept telling me to turn but the were big barriers of concrete blocking me from getting there. Every time this happened, I heard the words, "recalculating" and I got frustrated. I was fearful that I might miss my flight and not make it home. I got to thinking about how my life an walk with Christ is the ultimate GPS. God is giving me the way to go but the enemy keeps throwing road blocks to keep me from getting there. The great thing though is the Father doesn't let a silly obstacle get in the way.  I used to allow the obstacles in my life to get me discouraged and just give up. This gives the enemy great joy when I let struggles get me down and keep me from the Fathers plan in my life.  Life with Christ is too valuable to give up when faced with obstacles. Someone once said, “Refuse to be fearful about what will happen to you. God is faithful and He will take care of you if you trust Him.” He is faithful and our Master GPS in this crazy journey called life.  When we make mistakes, go places we shouldn't, or even get discouraged when the enemy blocks our way, God always has a better way and He never gives up on us. "But even when I am afraid, I keep on trusting you."Psalm 56:3.  Keep your eyes on Him today and He will take care of your obstacles. Rodney Holmstrom


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