Building Bridges

I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day and some friends came up and asked me about CR and how it was going. As soon as they walked off the guy sitting next to me says, "excuse me, I over heard u talking about CR, what is your name?" I told him and he went on to tell me, "ok this is all coming together." you see his dad called me sometime back cause he had a man he was trying to get help for. I remembered his name and his big heart. He then told me that his dad died recently after a bad accident. As he was telling me about his funeral I was blown away. There were about 1500 or so people there that ranged from top level executives in suits to guys that had just gotten out of prison. This man had a heart for everyone and if they needed help he was there. He told me that his dad lived with so much joy in his heart. What a beautiful picture of a man serving for Christ & of what we get when we serve others. “It is better to build bridges than walls."African Proverb This man built bridges in life and it impacted many. I was challenged sitting there listening to a son talk about how much he admired,loved, and missed his dad. He said, "he left a great legacy." For many years we can live in our junk that not only builds walls between us and God but to others as well. I am grateful to God for sending His Son to be the most wonderful bridge for me to the Father. CR not only helps me get well, but get closer to the Father and then be a bridge for others. What legacy will you leave? Who will be at your funeral one day? What will they say about how you invested in them?  Today, let's be bridge builders starting, with our own family, and walk with unspeakable joy. Rodney Holmstrom


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