Never Question The Heart of a Volunteer

One of my favorite quotes in Pearl Harbor is when the Captain is looking over his soldiers serving and says, "you know why we are going to win this battle? Cause of those men. Never question the heart of a volunteer." Eph 5:16 says “…Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times!” CR volunteers are doing just that.   Without our leaders in CR we would be in big trouble walking into battle. There has to be men and women who show courage with a willingness to make the most of every chance they are given. In desperate times, we need these dedicated leaders to point others to freedom in Christ. I am so grateful to every single person in our ministry. Every person has incredible value to our ministry. John Maxwell once said, "You've got to love your people more then your position". I absolutely love our people!! I want to publicly praise my team for all they do and all that they are as blessings to our hurting community. Can't wait to spend some time this morning with them at our ministry meeting. You know why we're going to win this battle? Cause of these incredible God fearing, Christ following, servant hearted men and women answering the call to give back! Never question the heart of a CR leader. Rodney Holmstrom


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