What Are You Laughing At?

What are you laughing at? Ever had those times where you laugh so hard your belly hurts and you don't even know why? I was recalling this morning, years ago when my kids were younger, me and my family were driving & my kids were sitting in the back seat. They began laughing so hard with uncontrollable laughter. As I listened to them, I couldn't help but laugh and then my wife began laughing. We all were laughing so hard we almost had to pull over. It was like dominoes reacting to the other one close to it.  What was I laughing at? Not sure but seeing my kids happy and enjoying life brought joy to my heart. Too often in life we look for good reasons to laugh. "if it's funny, well then maybe I will laugh." Author Dave stone once said, “Laughter & joy shouldn't be a guest in your house; they should be a permanent residents in your everyday life." I am so grateful for a family that isn't afraid to laugh. I truly believe we must take our journey with God seriously but not ourselves. The truth is, I can walk into a room with a bad attitude, and soon the room dynamics will change. Or, I can walk in with a good attitude full of joy, and the room will respond and not even know why. Life is way too short and tough not to find ways to enjoy it. Laughter is great medicine for our soul. I truly believe that our Father laughs with us in great joy when He sees us, His kids laughing. How will you enter the rooms of your life today? Take time to laugh today, even if you have no clue why you are laughing. :) Rodney Holmstrom


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