"You Need To Go Sit On The Pot"

If you have never seen Tim Hawkins comedy acts, you have got to check them out. Great family entertainment that will have you laughing. One that is especially humorous is talking about being little and our mom's unique solution to everything. Kid: "Mom, my leg hurts, my eyes are burning, my back is soar, I have a headache, or mom, my right shoulder hurts" Mom: "You need to go sit on the pot" lol Surely that will take care of all of life's problems, right? In life we can sometimes take this same approach when it comes to dealing with our life's struggles. Sometimes people's quick responses to other's hurting can be, "you need to pray and read your bible more" and then leave them to that alone. Now, while I believe those things are a huge part of the process, that alone doesn't always take care of the emotional scars from our hurts from our past. Sometimes God will remove stuff quickly, but sometimes it takes time. Telling someone that has emotional wounds, addictions, scars from abuse, hang-ups, etc, etc, just to "pray and read your bible more" can be deflating and harmful as a whole. This is more than, "I must not have enough faith, therefore, I am not healing." They might as well tell me to go sit on the pot. One thing is for sure, it takes me facing those issues and hitting them square on the nose. That's why I love CR. It allows me to work a process toward healing. As we work the principles of recovery, a huge part of this IS praying, & reading our bible, but also many other things that come with it. Accountability, learning to identify junk, sharing our hurts with someone (James 5:16), replacing defects with truth, etc, etc. If you are struggling with life, or know someone who is, please know that there are tools that have been formed directly from God's Word to help you or your friend heal. You don't have to, nor should you try to do it alone. Celebrate Recovery is an incredible tool that has lead now over 1Million people to steady growth, healing and life change. Change is possible! This biblical process takes us from our hurting and/or broken hearts, despair and heartache and leads us to a heart that sings a new song. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23 Maybe it's time to "get off the pot" and take action. :) Sorry, I couldn't resist... I am a warped man...Pray for me. :) Have a great day friends! Rodney Holmstrom


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