He Shouts In Our Pain

Many years ago I was asked to sing at a nursing home. Sounds real sweet, but hold off on making that judgement. I brought an old song, newer back then, called "Watch the Lamb". I had a cassette tape track I was using. I had the folks gathered around and they were listening intently and for the most part, enjoying the song. What I didn't realize at the time was that one of the ladies was sleeping as sometimes older people will do at the drop of a hat. :) There is a part of the song that goes from pretty soft, to loud abruptly. Well...when I got to the line that says, "You! Carry the cross....." sung in a very loud and dramatic tone....the lady dosing off about jumped out of her chair and probably very nearly had a heart attack. She probably thought she was dying, bless her heart. Ok, so in hindsight, probably not the best song choice. Lol Have you ever been going through the motions in your life and had kind of grown to become complacent? I was thinking about how my life has been like that at times. I will be going along and then Boom! I get my wake up call. That wake up call can come in the form of pain. I can get frustrated sometimes when a guy I am working with won't take the life preserver that I am offering him. Then I remember that it was hard for me in my own life to grab it too. I am reminded that it isn't when we see the light but when we feel the heat. CS Lewis once said, "Pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world." I am learning that God wants so desperately to heal our ailing spirituality and unfortunately in my stubbornness it sometimes takes Him shouting at me in my pain, megaphone and all, saying, "You, Rodney, carry the cross." While I am not too thrilled with the pain I experience, I am grateful for what He teaches me thru the pain. Sometimes it feels like I could die. Whatever you may be going thru today, let's ask Him 'what' instead of 'why'. "Lord, what is it you are trying to teach me?" Never believe the lie that He has left you or doesn't care for you. "The everlasting God....neither faints nor is weary." Is 40:28 Remember, His strength is made perfect in weakness. Keep seeking Him. Keep straining forward and don't miss the lesson friend. Have a blessed day! Rodney Holmstrom


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