Rodney, Your Zipper is Down!

"Something doesn't seem right here...did I forget something?" When I was in High School I will never forget having my big solo during a school choral concert. I had prepared, knew my song, walked out on that stage and sang it with all my might. Meanwhile, my friends were off stage waiting to greet me. Probably to give me some great words of encouragement for the song I just sang, I thought. Instead, as I walked off the stage, I was greeted with, "dude, your zipper is down!" DOH!! Well, at least it was ONLY in front of the ENTIRE school...;) Isn't that just like life. We prepare as best we can, get as much knowledge as we can to succeed, walk out onto the stage of life, and BAM! We realize that we have forgotten to get dressed. I am learning that I have to gird my waist with His truth. This is my foundation to counteract against the lies I hear daily. Put on my breastplate of righteousness. This protects all my vital organs, as soldier in battle, especially my heart. Oh, I can't forget my shoes of the gospel of peace. That peace only comes from God. Oh and my shield of faith. There are way too many darts flying my way that can destroy me. What about my helmet? Oh yeah, my mind is a precious thing to protect as the enemy will always try to fill it with doubt and garbage. Finally, my beautiful God given sword of the Sprit that is the Word of God. This helps me slay the enemy in big ways when He tries to feed me with lies. But I know better cause I have the truth. Warren Wiersbe once wrote, "A Christian life is not a playground, it's a battleground." Are you fully dressed? Is your zipper up? As you walk out on that stage of life today, make sure you have everything you need. 'Knowing' what you need to do is not enough. "Be self‑controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8 God has our wardrobe waiting for us this morning. Have a great Sunday! Rodney Holmstrom


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