Improving My "I" Sight

I can remember being in Colorado on a camping vacation many years ago when the kids were pretty young. We were walking and I saw some Mtn goats on the side of some big rocks on the other side of the river and took a picture. To this day, we still can't distinguish the difference between the goats and rocks in the photo since the colors were causing the goats to be camouflaged amongst the rock. I know they are there but we just can't see them. Have you ever had eye problems? No, not 'eye' but rather 'I' problems? For a chunk of my life I found myself with 'I' problems that left me blind to seeing & experiencing His blessings and direction in my life. I was pretty sure I knew He was there but just couldn't see Him. Why? Cause I was focusing on the wrong thing....myself. Staying in my unresolved dysfunction, kept me selfish and blind to His plan for my life. Someone once said, "I pointed out to you the stars & the moon and all you saw was the tip of my finger.” I am so grateful that as I have started tackling my character defects, the Lord has improved my sight & focus. Less of me and more of Him is a good thing. “You will seek Me & find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." Jr 29:13 Today, I must again trust Him, & stop focusing on me, and turn my attention toward Him. He has great things to show me. Rodney Holmstrom


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