Taking Care of Business

I remember when I was little there were times I would taunt those who opposed me. Especially if I was standing in my own front yard. Lol Why? Because I could run into my house if they came after me. If my mom were alerted to what was going on, she would say, "stop that" or "son, don't do that." Reminds me of the old proverb, “When the mice laughs at the cat, there is a hole nearby.” As a Christian it is easy to be full of confidence that the enemy can't harm me. Why? Cause God tells me he has already been defeated. I reminded this morning though that it is not wise for me to taunt my opponent during a battle or after a victory. Have you ever said, "Bring it on Satan!" Yikes! To quote Bob Newhart, "Stop it!" Lol Scriptures remind me that I am in a "wrestling match with principalities, powers and rulers of darkness." Eph 6:12 When I start thinking that I can take of the enemy on in my own strength, and forget that it is Christ's strength that wins the battle, that's when I am overcome with unbearable temptation, trials and great difficulties. That's when I fall on my face. I must be on guard at all times cause the enemy can attack whether I am living in God's will or not. I must never forget that it is Christ who has secured a victory against the enemy but as my coach used to say before a game, "don't give the opponent billboard material. Just go out on the field and take care of business." I don't believe there is a snake under every rock, but I will be on guard and be prepared for when those battles do hit me. Let's take care of our business today, never forgetting where our strength comes from, Jesus Christ. Have a great day! Rodney Holmstrom


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