Why Is This Mtn So Big?

"Yeah but...this mountain is bigger than the last one." Isn't it interesting that when we face obstacles, trials, and tough mountains in our life it seems as though this one is the toughest? Wonder why that is.  As I look back on my life the Lord has helped me to climb some enormous mountains. When I was facing those, they were the biggest Mtns imaginable.   Have you ever looked at a Mtn in your rear view mirror while driving away from it? It gets smaller and smaller doesn't it? In the same way, now as I have moved forward, those Mtns in the distance behind me look so small. The Mtns of today seem much bigger. Why? Cause they are right in front of me.  I am challenged this morning to remember that even though those challenges of yesterday seem so small and distant, to never forget how big those Mtns were that the Lord pulled me up in my past. The same God of power that guided me up the enormous Mtns of yesterday, is the same God of power that will help me up today's Mtns.  Today I must hold onto His promise that He will never abandon me nor forsake me in my life's battles. What Mtn are you facing today? Does it feel enormous? To God it does too only because it does to you & He loves you. He is experiencing this with you and He has the power to help you thru it.  Take some time to remember what He has done for you already, take heart and then you will know He will be with you in today's battle. "Everything God says is true & it's a shield for all who come to him for safety."Prov 30:5 He is your shield in today's struggle just as He was in yesterday's. Join me in receiving that truth as we face the new battles on the horizon. Rodney Holmstrom


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