The "Rest" Of The Song

What a beautiful song! Have you ever listened to a music band and choir play and sing a song and then all of the sudden, in unison, it all stops suddenly? It is so cool! Jesus is building a beautiful musical score that we are all a part of called life of recovery. In this score there are harmonies, and notes that paint the skies with beauty. Isn't it interesting, though, that we forget about one important element written in this musical score, the "rests". These are just as much a part of the overall score and composition He has written.  The beautiful thing about the "rests" Is that they build incredible power for when the music starts again. This is why principle 7 in CR is so important isn't it? Reserve a daily time with God, for self Examination & prayer, why? So that we can "rest" and examine our hearts and actions from the previous day. Actions that might be creating some bad notes that don't match the Fathers plan or composition. It is in these "rests" with Him that give you and I incredible power when the music begins again. For where the spirit is present and not startled away, there is great power. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave, lives inside of me and you.  This is why I must keep my side of the street clean and right with amends on a regular and daily basis. I am learning that the "rest" in the composition is just as critical as all the musical notes He allows me to play in this life. I am so thankful for CR that teaches this principle. I could not make it without it. Let's write a new song today friends. Don't forget about the "rests". #21days Rodney Holmstrom


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