I Love You Dad

I love you dad! As a dad, on of the things that warms my heart is to hear my precious daughter utter those words. What a joy to hear a young man, my son say these words to his dad too. What is even better though is when they show me their love by coming to their dad to give me a hug. Wow! Now you are really seeing a blessed man! In all the testimonies I hear across the country and even world thru CR, it is such a treat to hear stories of reconciliation. What a joy to see a mom or dad speak of their kids and their renewed relationship. No matter what age, race, gender, or background we all seem to have the same common ingredient, we love to hear and feel love from our kids. Anytime someone is speaking of a special moment from their kids, including myself, there seems to be the inevitable "silent" moment. You know, that moment right before the tears start to flow. Then we begin talking of our love for our kids, and bam, the tears start to flow with love, compassion and joy. I am reminded this morning that my Father has the same feelings for me and you. With the incredible love we have for our kids, He has even more love for us that is unimaginable isn't it?  How can anyone love us that way? But it's true, He loves us more than we can wrap our minds around to comprehend. Thru CR I have learned more than ever that "I Matter To Him!" Imagine how much joy the Father experiences when He hears from His kids, "I love you dad." My prayer is that today I not only say with my lips how much I love Him but then back it up with my actions that shout and show my love for Him. Today, I want to keep my head buried in the chest of my Father, as I face this new day He has given me. “My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me." Ps 63:8 Rodney Holmstrom


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