What Would You Say To Him?

What would you say to him? Would you say well done, or don't give up? One of the things I have my guys do at the conclusion of their CR step group, is write themselves a letter to be opened one year letter. Their instructions, "what would you want this man one year from now to know?" This past week we got the group of us back together so I could hand them their sealed envelope letter they had written.  Wow! Pretty powerful having a front row seat as these men read these heart felt letters. It truly blessed my heart. This got me to thinking about life. We are going to face life challenges, death of love ones, sickness, relapses, relationship struggles, job loss, and more. Someone once said, “Every path has its puddle." The fact is, we will all face puddles, sometimes oceans of struggles in our life. Knowing that life will have its struggles, what would you write to yourself for the man or woman to read later? It really is more than, "you can do this!" isn't it? It like saying, there is a war out there, go get them!" but not giving them the proper tools to go into battle. I am reminded that if I give the pep talk to myself but don't equip myself to have armor in the battle ahead, I am doing myself a disservice. I am hoping that the man of tomorrow understands how important it is to stay the course not by "my will" power but by a daily reliance on the Father.  "Rodney, are you trying to do this on your own again? You know how that ends up. Rodney, use the tools God has given you. Utilize the incredible people He has placed in your life. Stay in His word and keep your relationship with the Father your highest priority.  When you make mistakes, don't stuff them in shame, clean your side of the street immediately."  My prayer is I will listen to those words in obedience. “We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. It Pays to Take Life Seriously"Prov16:9 What has God lead you thru this past year? Take time to thank Him. This time next year can be so different for the better, if you start the journey today with complete surrender in Him. Have a great day friend. Rodney Holmstrom


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