Are You Better Off Today?

Are you better off today? With all the stuff we hear in this political season one of the things we hear from both sides is asking the question, "Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago." This got me to thinking about my personal recovery. I can put so much weight on my happiness coming from what other people do for me, say to me, provide for me, or what is happening around me.  As we get ready to celebrate 9 years of celebrate recovery here at our church the question that pops up is, "Rodney, are you in a better place today in your walk with Christ than you were 9yrs, 4yrs,  or even one year ago?  Last year I challenged those in attendance at our 8yr celebration to take that step toward a better, healthier and more joy filled life in Christ. This morning, many, many faces & families come to mind of people that took me up on that offer. What joy in my heart as I think about the growth from just one year ago.  Some of our forever family have experienced incredible challenges, heartbreak, loss of loved ones, relapses, cancer, divorce, struggles in our relationships, and more.  Here's the good news, no matter what has happened in our life, one thing remains constant, Jesus still loves you, He is still in the throne, and He is still leading you thru this life called recovery.  If you sat on the sidelines this past year, wanting change for your heart and life but never took action, that's ok friend. Now is your chance.  God doesn't want perfect, He wants real.  Is your heart in a better place than it was 4 years ago? Do you want to be in a better place with your heart, family, & life this time next year? It is never too late to start.  “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it."Lou Holtz   Let's take a stand today, that no matter who gets elected into office, no matter what circumstances happen around us, we will be blessed because of our seeking the Master Counselor who provides life like no other.  May we be talking a year from now of the many great works the Father has done in our life thru complete and true surrender. Happy 9 year Anniversary Fellowship CR. Thanks you to our wonderful volunteers thru the years serving in this amazing ministry. Rodney Holmstrom


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