Too Much Conflict?

The Holidays can bring lots of craziness can't they? This is a time that we may spend more time with family than any other time of the year and with that can bring some conflicts as we are all dysfunctional in many ways. :) I am reminded this morning that peace is NOT the absence of conflict, but rather the presence of Righteousness that is a person in Jesus Christ.  Don't forget to invite Him into your conflicts, stress and anxiety this week as conflict is inevitable in this broken world. I heard someone say this week that if we find ourselves getting annoyed by more and more people around us, it may mean that we have less and less of Him in our daily routine. "I pray the Lord, who gives peace, will always bless you with peace. May the Lord be with all of you too." 1 Thes. 3:16   Have a great day! Rodney Holmstrom


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