Answering Him Correctly: Life Change

"Yes or no?" Remember in grade school when we would pass the note back and forth, "do you like me? Check yes or no" We started early in life with the Yes or No questions didn't we? How about, "would you like fries with that sir?" "Do you want to go ahead and get that filling put in your tooth today?" Life is full of so many choices isn't it? Some of those questions can be much bigger & in fact steer our life down either the right or a disastrous path. Thru the 8 CR principles the Father asks us these questions that if 'Yes' is not our response, it prevents us from moving forward in the healthy path of recovery. The Father asks us some life changing questions: Will you believe and receive Me as your God and stop playing god in your own life? Will you finally believe that you matter to Me? Will you trust that I have the power to help you thru ANY and ALL things? Will you turn your life over to Me? Will you do the necessary work to examine your life so that together we can remove the character defects and replace them with truth? It won't be easy but very much worth it. Will you trust Me to heal your heart to be able to forgive those that have wronged you so terribly? Will you trust Me to give you the courage to seek forgiveness and make amends to those you have hurt. Will you receive My grace into your life fully? Will you respond to My call, wherever & however I see fit to have you serve other hurting & lost people in My Kingdom? I know in my life there were times I struggled answering those questions with a 'yes' and it took me off the path of the Fathers purpose and direction for my life. By answering 'no', I remain in my muck, hopelessness, selfishness, and dysfunction. But by answering 'yes' then He can and will renew, replant, restore, & rebuild my life into a path of hopefulness, selflessness, and truth. This week you and I will be faced with trials, temptations, & struggles that will beg for our 'yes' response. Those questions from the enemy need a resounding 'No'. Answering the Fathers questions with a 'YES' instead will be so much more rewarding no matter how appealing the enemy may be making his case. How will you answer the Father's questions today? Yes...or No? Have a great Saturday. Rodney Holmstrom


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