Mosquito In A Dark World

Multiplication! That was the word that jumped out in a big way last night at a dinner I was attending. Last night I met some men for dinner and fellowship as we celebrated the 'completion' of a CR step group and the 'beginning' of the rest of their life. What an incredible blessing it was to hear these men talk about where they were a year ago and where they sit now. I saw a picture of many men that were now grounded in Christ, leading their families, and living in freedom from a host of things that kept them apart from our Creator. In this CR group, they found truth, accountability, & relationship unlike anything they had ever experienced. But the most exciting thing for me to see was a desire for multiplication.  Three new men's CR step groups will be starting for men coming out of this one group. Wow!!! These men caught the vision. Yes we must heal and grow from our hurts, but if we are not multiplying ourselves, are we really following Christ's plan for our life?  The two leaders of this group are extremely valuable. Why? Because yes, they led men to experience truth in Christ, making disciples thru the CR material. Yes, they provided a platform for accountability unlike no other. And true & real relationships for a lifetime!  But the big splash for the Kingdom is the 'multiplication' that has developed thru these men and their leadership. I am reignited in my vision to create a culture that challenges me to ask more often, "who will you share this same material with after you have finished" A word of encouragement to our future group facilitators: “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito." Betty Reese CR: Biblical Truth, Accountability with a balance of truth and grace, real  Relationships for a lifetime and MULTIPLICATION to take what the Lord has done in us and sharing it with other hurting people.Yeah God!!! You may just be our next 'mosquito' in a very dark world. Maybe our next CR group facilitator. Awesome!! God never wastes a hurt. Have a great day! Rodney Holmstrom


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