Seat Switcher

My husband and I were running just a tad late to worship the other morning. Not so late that we would miss the message or even most of the singing. We walked in during the announcements. I prefer getting there before kickoff but hey, it was be a tad late or not go at all. Basically, I’m trying to paint the picture that most everyone was already settled in their seats and engaged when we tried to enter in an unobtrusive way. Our intent was not to disturb anyone. We scooted past the man on the end of the row and sat in the two seats next to him. On my left was my husband; on my right was another couple. I did my best to slip in and settle without distracting the woman I was seated next to. I didn’t even wear any fragranced body care products. I’ve been the one who has had to breathe in someone else’s favorite scent and wound up either coughing through worship or sneezing way my through. So bottom line, I thought I was being the epitome of subtle as much as I was able to be under the circumstances. So as we stood to sing our first song imagine my confusion when halfway through the song the woman next to me switched places with her husband. I was shocked! What had I done? I thought I was being a very good worship neighbor. What would cause her to move? Was my singing that bad? In my attempt not too be overpowering in smell had I forgotten my deodorant? I was ready to conduct a pit check immediately. Before I let my sideways thinking get so spiraled out of control that it became a tornado, I paused. One think I have learned in recovery is that is does not matter what other people think of me and it truly is none of my business. If this woman had an issue with me, especially over something I didn’t intentionally due, well, it was hers to work with not mine. I also have learned that taking care of me is crucial. I decided to not be offended by her seat switching and give her credit for taking care of her needs whatever they may be. Slowing down before I fell into an old habit of guilty assumption thinking made some things clear to me. First of all, I’m making progress. I was able to engage in the rest of the worship service and not worry about anyone else. And secondly, by pausing my thinking I was able to observe that the row in front of where we were seated had also shifted due to late comers. My now former neighbor was originally standing behind another woman allowing her to see the screen, a man a good half torso taller was now standing in front of her and she wasn’t able to see the words at all. By switching seats with her husband she really was taking care of herself, just like I did. Daphne


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