Box It Up Boys...

So that's it? It's over?! Yesterday we took down our Christmas decorations at our house. As they were coming down I couldn't help but think, wow, as fast as it got here, it was over just as fast. What if when the lights and decorations went down each year, so did our hope. What if with the decor, we just boxed up our hope, love, peace, & joy and shoved them into the attic for another 330 plus days. I am grateful that my relationship with Christ doesn't have to be that way. The celebration of life can & should be a 365 process. I have to make this my choice though. All those lights & decor represented a party being held in honor of the birth of the King. Now, days after the big birthday celebration, we get a chance to live the life that He brought to us as a gift at His own party. I am reminded that the celebration is not just in the birthday party itself, but in how we honor Him with the gifts given to us at the party. Those gifts came to me when I believed and received Him as my Savior. Love, joy, peace, joy & everlasting life. From hopelessness to hopefulness. From lost to now found. The next steps I must take is to view each day as a new gift of life. “The Lord is my shepherd so I lack nothing" Psalm 23:1 This year, when we put the Christmas lights up, let's give Him a gift back. Let's allow the light now living inside of us to shine so bright, that people ask where that bright light comes from and how it shines so bright. “[God,] may all rejoice who take refuge in you. May they shout for joy a long time" Psalm 5:11 Is there anything in our life that may be causing the light to not shine as bright as before? Let's take action to deal with the junk so we can experience the gift we have been given. It is never too late to start over in our life. Never forget that you were put on this earth for a big purpose. Have a great Thursday. Rodney Holmstrom


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