Listening For The Right Notes

In the film, 'Mr. Holland's Opus'. Mr Holland was describing how Beethoven wrote his classical music pieces. He explained to the class, "Beethoven sawed the legs off his piano so he could lay the body flat on the ground.  Then he would lie down on the ground next to the piano with his ear pressed to the floor. He would pound the keys with his fingers in order to hear his music thru the vibrations of the music thru the floor."  The student then replied, "Mr Holland, if he couldn't hear, how would he even know what the notes were? Like, if he never heard a "C", how would he know that's what he wanted to play." Mr. Holland then responds,  "Well, Beethoven wasn't born deaf." Ever have those days where you feel like your pounding out the notes in your life and having trouble hearing Him? Life can be discouraging and disappointing sometimes can't it? Sometimes, like yesterday for me, the enemy can attempt to block out the Fathers truth and promises that can keep us from playing His music in this thing called life. I am reminded this morning that there will be days that are a bit tougher to hear His hope, but I must keep pounding the keys until I hear what I know is truth.  How will I know it when I hear it? Because I have heard it before. I have tasted it and it is good. Sometimes when I get down and discouraged, I may even have to get down on my knees and press my ear to the floor searching for vibrations my loving Father is so desperately trying to get me to hear. I must do it so I can cut thru the enemies lies. I am learning thru this process of growth that I need to trust my ear when I hear it. Can you hear Him this morning? He is trying to speak to you too. "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. Jn 16:33 His message is of hope and freedom. Don't forget what is true. If you are hearing something else, then that is not Him.  Keep pounding those notes, one note at a time friend. Rodney Holmstrom


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