Rips In My Sails

Call me silly but one of my favorites is the movie "Tommy Boy". Don't judge me...:) Of course there are many funny and silly scenes, but a scene that you might not think of, that has good meaning, is the scene where Tommy is sitting in his sail boat with no wind. Then he says, "hey dad, I sure could use some help down here. Could you give me a little wind to get my boat moving? And of course, the wind picked up and his sail boat begins moving with breeze. How often have I asked that question from the Father, "Lord, how about a little help" and still felt like I wasn't moving anywhere.  Looking back on my life I have noticed that the problem was that I was trying to sail thru life with ripped sails. No wonder my life seemed to be at a stand still. No wonder I felt so lifeless. Isn't it interesting how we can convince ourself that our "rips" in our sails aren't that bad? And yet, still scratch our head wondering why the sail won't take hold. Sails weren't designed to be used that way and neither are we. I realized in my life that if I was to have the full blessing of the Holy Spirit & begin experiencing life, I had to acknowledge those "rips" in my sails and turn them over to God. Once I did this, the Lord restored and rebuilt my sails and the Holy Spirit (wind) was and is able to guide me thru life much more effectively.  Now, there is a daily maintenance plan to repair some holes that pop up and I need Him to keep my sails functional, but what a blessing to be able to do this with the help of the Father. How are your sails this morning? Have you tried overlooking the "rips" in your sail? Still trying to figure out why there is no movement in your life? Take it from a guy with a history of mangled sails, it is so much better to stop and acknowledge those rips.  Allow Him to restore your sails starting right now so that you can experience life the way He intended for you. “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you; they are full of the Spirit & life." John 6:63  Have a great day! Rodney Holmstrom


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