The other day at CR one of our brothers was doing a teaching on Powerless. As he spoke about each of the letters in the acrostic he placed a big cardboard box with each of the individual letters of the acrostic written on them onto the stage. As I was looking at these boxes spelling out the acrostic, I noticed how the letters break down. POW- when we try to live under our own power, we are in essence a Prisoner Of War and a slave to our junk. ER- when we don't allow God to lead us in our life and recovery, then we live in a constant state of emergency, remaining in an emotional and dysfunctional Emergency Room. LESS- I now know that when I recognize that I am not God in my life, and put 'less' of me and 'more' of Him, that is when the good foundation for life change begins to take shape. He not only has the power to help us recover, He cares, He is willing, He is more than able, and the best part...we matter to Him. "I will give him...the land he set his feet on, because he followed the LORD wholeheartedly." Duet 1:36 If you are living as a POW or in the ER hoping time will heal those wounds on your own, remember, less of me, more of Him. We are POWERLESS and in our weakness, we are STRONG! Rodney Holmstrom Home Run the movie: Due out April 19th Nationwide


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