Are You In A Battle?

Last night I heard an interview of the quarterback for the winning team of the Super Bowl. He was talking about how much the win meant to him and his team. He said, "what made the win so special was knowing and reflecting on what we had overcome thought the year." I was thinking about how true this is in my life, especially my marriage. Together we have been thru some pretty tough times and even on the brink of divorce at one point in our marriage. I am grateful today that God not only got us thru those tough times but is now using it to make us even stronger. Neither one of us would want to relive those circumstances but today we are grateful that we did experience those times because it makes our relationship so much richer, stronger and healthier today. We now look back and take heart for what He has done in our life. Because He helped us then, we can feel confident that He will help is thru today's and tomorrow's battles. If you are in the middle of a battle today, hang in there. God will use today's trials to strengthen you in your faith and character. He will never leave you not abandon you in your storm. "He who stands firm to the end will be saved." Matt 24:13 Keep running friend! Rodney Holmstrom


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