No More Chains

My family used to be in the bad business of making chains. As I grew up, my family from past generations, handed it down to me to carry on the 'family business'. This isn't a business that anyone wants or needs to be a part of though. I look back on my family history and I see a long chain of resentment and bitterness that was being built. Each of us had a part in building a link in our family chain and it seemed to go on for miles and miles. My link to the chain came from bitterness toward my step fathers abuse. What I am learning thru CR is that I can't dwell on the abuse, the wrongs done to me. Instead, I need to focus on what blessings I do have right now. Otherwise, I will just keep the dysfunctional chain going in my life. Because of this distraction toward my past, I was incapable of building new healthy relationships with those that are important to me in the present. I can't control what happened in my past, nor is it my fault. However, I am responsible for how I allow it to affect my present and my future. Keeping my focus on the Father is the only way this change is possible. "He will wipe away the tears from everyone's eyes and take away the disgrace his people have suffered throughout the world. The Lord himself has spoken!" Isaiah 25:8 I am so glad to say that Christ is breaking the chains from my past. I guess you can say, the 'old family business' has been sold and God has given me a new call in life. Christ paid a heavy price so that I don't have to carry those heavy chains any longer. Praise God! How has Christ broken the chains from your bitter past, to give you freedom? Rodney Holmstrom


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