How is your serenity today?

God, [Father Jehovah, Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit living inside of me] grant [allow, permit, approve] me the serenity [calmness, peacefulness, composure, coolness, poise, contentment, repose] to accept [recognize, admit, acknowledge, understand, resign to myself] the things I cannot change [alter, modify, transform, adjust, amend],
the courage [bravery, guts, nerve, valor, daring, audacity] to change [alter, modify, transform, adjust, amend] the things I can [am able to, know how to, am capable of], and the wisdom [understanding, knowledge, insight, perception, astuteness, good judgment,     prudence, good sense] to know the difference [distinction, differentiation]; 

Living [living and breathing] one day [24-hour period] at a time; enjoying [taking pleasure in, liking, getting pleasure from, benefiting from] one moment [instant, second]
at a time; accepting [enduring, tolerating, complying with, consenting to, submit to, resigning myself to, taking on, undertaking] hardship [adversity, need, want, suffering, difficulty]
as a pathway [trail, conduit, corridor] to peace [calm, quiet, tranquility, harmony, serenity, end of war, reconciliation]; taking [bearing, enduring], as Jesus did, 

this sinful [wicked, bad, evil, corrupt, errant, immoral] world as it is, not as I would have it; trusting [believing, expecting, relying, depending, having faith, having confidence, counting on, banking on, assured]
that You will make all things [obsessions, fixations, points, ideas, issues, factors, details of my life] right [correct, true, accurate, appropriate, fitting, proper, best, reasonable, suited, decent]
if I surrender [give in, give up, submit, lay down my arms, yield, relinquish my control, hand over, part with, concede] to Your will [desires, wishes, choices, preferences, bidding, commands];

So that I may be reasonably [sensibly, rationally, practically, realistically, plausibly, fairly, modestly] happy [content, pleased, glad, joyful, cheerful, delighted] in this [present, temporary] life, and supremely [extremely, completely, enormously, absolutely, tremendously, utterly, totally, really, very] happy [content, pleased, glad, joyful, cheerful, delighted]
with You [Father Jehovah, Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit living inside of me]
forever [everlastingly, eternally, evermore, perpetually, ceaselessly, without end]
in the next [the future, eternal life with You].  
Amen. [So be it!  Let it happen, Lord!]

How is your serenity today?
From my dear brother David Attebery

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