Confession brings Healing

I recently met with a physical trainer to discuss a workout plan to get me into shape. As a part of the plan and assignments she gave me I was asked to keep a food journal.
"Tell me everything you eat, good or bad."
I have to admit a couple days into the process I hesitated thinking, "should I really tell her about that extra helping I had at dinner? Does she really have to know?"
The truth is, I had to make a choice, either be completely honest and reveal all as it is, or hide some things and effect how my trainer could coach and help me in my growth process.

In the principle 4 moral inventory process we face the same thing.
I can either keep some things hidden from my sponsor and others and stay in denial or be rigorously honest and allow my Master Trainer, Jesus to take over in bringing healing into my life.
The ironic thing is that God already knows all about me good or bad. He also knows how we are designed cause He created us. He knows that by confessing to God, ourself, & to someone we trust we will experience true growth and healing.

I can either be honest and deal with the painful stuff today or wait and deal with it later. The problem with waiting until down the road is that is becomes even more difficult for us. Our unwillingness to deal with our struggles today only makes tomorrow's struggles that much more difficult to face. 

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Mt 5:8

What's keeping you from being honest?

Rodney Holmstrom


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