Cory: "I'm Not That Bad..."

Can't we just forget that ever happened? It wasn't that big of deal, was it?
Ever been in a position where you were so deep in your own junk that you lost perspective of who God intended you to be? 
My poor choices made in my life not only hurt me but others as well.
Two things created that pain for myself and others:
1. Making the poor choices to begin with.
2. Justifying my actions, hiding it and pointing my finger at others to blame.

After King David fell into sin he shriveled into something completely different than what God created him to be. He lost his place and then began hurting so many others, including, himself, Bathsheba, Uriah, (Bathsheba's husband who he had killed as well as many soldiers in the battlefield). This was due to his attempts to cover up & control his wrong and fix it on his own.
How did David respond to the harm done to so many thru his poor choices?
With a hardened heart....
" not let this displease you, for the sword devours one as well as another…” 2 Samuel11:25
Basically, he was saying, "It's not that big of deal. Why should we worry about that stuff."

In the movie Home Run we see this play out as Cory tries to control his hurtful past and life without God. By not resolving the hurt inside his heart, the hurt was passed down to his son, Tyler.
It wasn't until he understood that he was incapable of fixing this hurt on his own & surrendered to Christ that real change would begin.

Justifying our actions from our past and then trying to stuff them or control them does no good does it? It's like a beach ball we hold under the water. We can hold it under for a while but eventually it will come shooting up. When it does, it not only hurts us but those around us.

"Examine our ways and test them, and return to The Lord." Lamentations 3:40

How has surrendering to Christ began the rebuilding process in your relationships?

Rodney, Nat'l Assimilation Coach
Home Run Opening Wknd: April 19-21


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