Coming Down From Mountain Top Experiences

"Master, it is good for us to be here..." Luke 9:33
Peter was responding to what he was experiencing with Jesus, James and John & a visit from Moses and Elijah.
Wonderful and glorious splendor.

We all have had our "mtn top" moments haven't we? Maybe not like they did that day, but some pretty good days and seasons of life. In these times, things couldn't be better. Things are clicking and life is good!

After Peter's "mtn top" day the scripture says in verse 37, "the next day..."
What happened the next day? They came down off the mtn top experience and faced the evil and darkness of this world. Cancer, lost loved ones, divorce, relationship issues, broken promises, job troubles, financial burdens, conflict, pain & more.
Let's be honest, we would all just assume stay up there, wouldn't we?
The reality is though that its not a matter of 'if' but 'when' the "next day" will come. The question is, when it comes will we be ready?  Coming down from the mtn grows us in ways that we can't possibly grow spiritually if we'd stayed on the mtn. 

In recovery we learn that every day it is critical to stay connected with Him by reserving a daily time with Him to mediate, pray and read His Word. We learn to enjoy Him and worship Him with gratitude thru the mtn top experiences and even thru the difficult times. 
The more time we spend with Him in the good, the easier it is to trust Him thru the bad.

Whether you're on top of the mtn or coming down off of it, keep your eyes lifted to the Father. 
"Lift your eyes to the hills" Ps 121:1
There really isn't any other way to go is there?

Rodney Holmstrom


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