Home Run: God is Stirring Hearts

I have heard so many great stories from people that attended this past weekend's movie. Many lives already being lead back to the Church and specifically Christ.
•    Our little film was #3, behind only “Oblivion” and “42,” for average number of people per theater at a wide release film this past weekend!
•    In spite of being on 5-10x fewer theaters than the top 11 movies, “Home Run” still managed a solid #12 out of 47 movies in theaters this weekend!
•    Rolling Stone Magazine tweeted yesterday, “Rob Zombie Can’t Compete with Jesus.”, referring to an independent flick that underperformed compared to HOME RUN!
•    A surprised reporter from The Detroit News, without any fondness for Christianity, reviewed, “…director Boyd weaves the preaching — which includes testimonials from actual recovering addicts — into the story….For what it is, "Home Run" is a solid hit.”
•    The Washington Post says, “The strongest scenes take place in dingy hotel rooms, on a deserted farm or in the rehab sessions where Brand and his fellow addicts open their hearts in search of forgiveness.
 Thank you so much for your support of Opening Weekend for Home Run.  To every one of you who bought a ticket—or took a friend—or emailed your family—or brought your group---or brought 4 groups…thank you! 

We live to see another week in the theaters. Week two is just as important on a national level in capturing the attention of bigger markets. Please join me in praying that this past week's success along with what happens this week will lead to them picking up the film.
Thanks for your continued prayers.
I hope you will take someone back with you this week.

God bless you!

Rodney Holmstrom


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