Trusting His Plan

I'm sorry, you want me to do what?!

"March around the city for six days, on the seventh day march while the priests blow their horns, then, when you hear a long blast, have everyone give a loud shout; then the wall will collapse." Joshua 6:3-5

Sometimes what we have been asked to do in recovery can seem absurd and may not line up with 'our' idea of how we would deal with the walls that have been built up around us. 
Trust God, stop isolating, find accountability partners, a sponsor, attend step groups, take and share moral inventories, be rigorously honest, stay in His Word, journal, pray, serve others and more. 

Early in the process it can seem too much to bear, but if we will trust God to lead us and submit to His authority, change can and will happen.

When Christ asks you to march for Him with His great purpose, sound the horns of a new hopeful direction and then shout praises of gratitude to Him, trust Him and follow his guidance one step at a time. He will be faithful to remove those walls in His timing.

Following His plan is the only way I have found to experience true peace and joy in my life. He not only has the power, He desires to help us remove the walls of dysfunction between us & those close to us and the Father.

Rodney Holmstrom


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