A Picture Worth Experiencing

One of our forever family members in CR was fighting for his life and in the hospital.

I walked into the hospital and turned to my right, immediately I saw two CR forever family sisters drinking coffee. They had just been to the room for several hours and were taking a break before going back in.
I took the elevator up to the floor where the 24 year old young man was lying in bed fighting for his life. I opened the door to walk in and again saw a room with more CR forever family. A couple praying and visiting in the corner. I saw CR family everywhere!
I began talking to the parents of this young man, now 4 days into his battle, still in a coma. The step dad, exhausted, with big tears in his eyes, said with incredible gratitude in his heart, "I don't know where we would be without our CR family; the cards, prayers, visits, meals, encouragement and love."
Unfortunately, they lost their son a few days later & they are grieving in this tough loss but not alone. As their family, we grieve with this sweet family.

What a picture of the family of God coming together to hold each other in a tough crisis. 
“The Lord has heard the sound of my weeping." Psalm 6:8 

What I witnessed that day is something that happens across the globe thru CR everyday. The Lord hears our weeping in our pain and responds by sending his angels, I like to call them an army of 'Jesus in the flesh', to stand by us in our struggles.

This morning I am grateful for my CR forever family across the world that makes this ministry more than just a bunch of meetings and gatherings but a church family to walk with in our victories and our pain. 
If you don't have a family, please know that you do have one awaiting you here at CR.

In CR I see a loving body of people "serving others as Jesus did" John 13:14-15 
...and I am grateful!
How has your CR family been there for you in your pain?

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Rodney Holmstrom


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