3D Films: Not Always A Good Thing

I remember when I was young, Jaws 3D, the movie came out. It was really a pretty bad movie in my opinion.
It is pretty incredible though how the images and the scenes jump out into your lap right there in the theater. The images become so real, you actually feel what is being seen.

In life and recovery we can become familiar with another kind of 3D movie playing out in our life. Depression, Despair, and Discouragement.
Where do these 3D's come from? A life characterized by bitterness, anger and resentment.
In the same way, the harms done to us can jump right into our life and become a part of us in a way that slowly begins to shrivel & cripple our soul. 

The problem with this kind of movie playing out in our life is that the movie never ends & it isn't fictional. It is real and very destructive. As long as we keep playing the same film roll (betrayal) over and over in our mind, we remain in the midst of a bad 3D life.

The only way for us to get rid of these bad 3D flaws, is to let go of the 
pain from our past from harms done to us. It doesn't happen over night but walking thru the process of CR gives us the tools to stop the horrific saga that is playing out in our life. 

"Before faith came, we were held prisoners...., locked up until faith should be revealed." Gal 3:23

We are no longer prisoner's. Why would we allow those who have hurt us to make us a prisoner again? Letting go is the key to allowing us to walk out of this bad film playing out in our life.
We can't change the bad things that have happened to us in our life. But we can change how we allow it to continue to effect us.

Are you stuck in a bad 3D film right now?

Rodney Holmstrom


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